I think I talk too much, I need to listen baby

What a gorgeous weekend its been! Yesterday we had our first bbq of the year! Which is always very exciting! The weather was perfect for it, and the company even better. It's so nice I'm even blogging in the garden today.
What I love about it is this weather is getting me so excited for holiday in just over 2 weeks now! If you don’t know already me and J are off to Gran Canaria for a week and oh my god I am so ready now, just get me there already! 
 Other than that things are very slow on the placement front, applying for places is taking quite a while, and getting me very worried. 

Right now I don’t want to talk about that too much so onto this post. I adore these trousers, they feel so feminine, sassy yet casual at the same time. I’m not quite sure how those combinations work together but they do. I wear them quite a lot to take me from day to night because I think they work perfectly for that. They’re great for days when your not too sure if its going to be hot or a bit chilly, again they work for both. I think the only downside is having to wear heels with them all the time which isn’t the worst thing because I think they look great with them. Really the reason is because I’m so short they practically drag on the ground in flats. And because the summers arrived HURRAH! The crop tops are back out and in full force!

 I’ve been wearing my hair in plaits quite a lot lately too, I honestly won’t ever tire of them. I think its a bit of a childhood thing to be honest because i used to always wear my hair like that when i was younger and loved it even then. My hairs growing so it means I can do loads more with it yay! 

Anyway thats it until next time, I'm keeping the DIY's coming because I love doing them, I've got a right craft head on at the moment. 
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And last but not least I'm still keeping up with my monthly vlogs so if you haven't seen the last one here it is just below! Enjoy
& until next time take care!

Trousers: Zara, Top: H&M, Sunglasses: brought in Paris, Shoes & Denim Jacket both: Primark


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