My Tanning Experience

I am what you would call a tan virgin.
 Not to say I haven't dabbled in a bit of fake tan every now and again. I've tried sprays, lotions and gradual tanners. I used to be almost orange when I used to do cheerleading... yeah you heard me right I used to be a cheerleader, but anyway less of that.

 I have used different ways to tan but never tried a proper spray tan. So last Friday I went and took the plunge.

I had a summer ball on the Saturday that I wanted to be tanned for. Not only that but I go away in a month and wanted to trial it before then so I could see what it was like.
 I'm going to say it now from the beginning I absolutely love my tan and I'm so glad I did it. I received so many compliments saying how much it suited me. But before you leave this article knowing that I love it. Let me talk you through the process.

The spray tan I got was a Mystic HD one from The Tanning Shop. There may be people reading this total tan virgins like I was and people who have done it probably a few times. But I for one definitely don't walk into these shops often or ever infact personally because they scared me a little.
Simply because you could go in looking one way and come out another. That is a total myth though. Whilst in there you make all your own decisions and let me promise you that you won't come out looking like an orange because I think that's what most people have the fear of.

 I actually wanted to have a spray tan by a person simply because I have a bit of a fear of machines. I know that sounds weird but they do scare me. I had heard and before going I did do my research. Some tans done by people can tend to be more streaky because it isn't even.
 I'm not saying they are or aren't as I have never experienced one to give my proper opinion but knowing that I wanted to have one that would be even and not streaky. Not only that but well I'd already made an appointment with the machine so no backing out now. I mean I made the appointment with a person but.. well you get my drift.

The night before your tan wash, shave and exfoliate to within a inch of your life. No I'm joking but really make sure you have buffed and readied your skin for a smooth finish. Moisturising elbows, knees, hands and feet because these areas absorb the most heat from the machine. I moisturised so much that I was still a little greasy so that I ensured my skin was really hydrated.
 Before you go in you do get given lotion to put on which is called 'Healing Cream' which you place on your hands, feet and again elbows and knees. Make sure it soaks in though apply a lot but make sure it dries. Also remove any make up. They will provide you with a hair net as well that you need to put in your hair to stop it tanning, obviously.
 Also remove any jewellery but then make sure you take it with you and not leave it behind like I did.
I can't talk through the steps properly because as I can imagine every place will do it slightly different. However I am sure the machine works in the same way.

You'll be asked if you want light, dark or medium some places will offer enhancements. I went for medium because the lady advised me that I wouldn't see the difference with light. I think if I do get it done again before holiday though I will get light so a natural tan can develop on top.
Medium worked best because it was visible for an event and suited me best. Once you've chosen your shade. The machine basically does the rest it'll spray you evenly on the front, back, and both sides. Asking you to place you feet on 1,3, 2,4 and so on.
Don't worry about that bit now though the machine talks you through the process. And the ladies there are on hand to help if need be.

As I mentioned at the beginning I really fear machines so in that context I didn't enjoy the process too much a person scares me far less but it was such a fast process and so easy that it's only a small price to pay. If your not weird like me there's no problem at all, hopefully!
Once it's done you do have a drying process. However I was still a little wet after, it was more because it was so warm in there though and not because the tan was running. Nothing came off on my clothes!

 For the after process I didn't shower until the next morning they do advise that you don't for at least 6 hours because the tan doesn't develop straight away you'll come out exactly the same colour and the tan develops every hour. I wouldn't even shower after that long even at 12 o'clock when I went to bed I was tanned but it hadn't reached its full potential.
When I woke up in the morning however I was so pleased with how well the tan had developed! The tan lasts around a week, and it is advised; I also advise that you moisturise to keep the tan as long as possible. After a few days if you notice your tan fading you can top up with some self tanner which is what I have done just on bits where it's started to fade.

I found myself panicking mid week that I didn't want my tan to fade too quickly so I did use Rimmel Medium Shimmer fake tan on top. It's not necessary you do that though, I would advice you leave it to fade on its own before going back in with the fake tan.

I have to apologise because the photos above aren't the best, sorry! I took the Before when going to bed so the lighting isn't great and the after was took in daylight! So I hope it isn't misleading. However my tan has definitely worn of a lot today 1 week later.
I'd definitely say that it lasts at least 3-5 days! I am quite pink skinned so the tan actually covered that up quite a bit, so now I think my undertones coming back a bit!

I would definitely recommend it even if you have pale skin and your scared to get it done, I was! I honestly don't think you can beat the feeling of waking up with a tan in the morning. My honest opinion is that if you don't want your tan to go too dark just shower after the recommended time. The only downside to it is that it does go a bit patchy on your hands, but like all fake tans this happens a lot so its not too much of a moan.
Also I do wish it would last slightly longer! But overall I loved it! 
Also if you do want to see some photos over the past week with my tan you can find them on Instagram! And don't hesitate to ask any questions if need be!

Until next time take care! 

What's your opinion?

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