DIY Jewellery Hanger

I love doing these Home DIY's and after the feedback I got from the last one I couldn't resist on doing another one. I am so glad you all enjoy them! 

This ones another super easy one, using things you probably already have! 

I decided to do this one because I have lots of necklaces that I keep on a birdcage like photographed below. However a lot of the time they get really messy on there and tied around each other so I wanted to give them a new home. Somewhere they'll keep a bit more tidier. I came up with this, believe it or not at two o'clock in the morning. I didn't decide to do it then of course, I waited until better lighting obv! 

You will need: 

A Wooden Coat Hanger  - I brought a pack from Primark really cheap! As it's wood it will be sturdy enough to hang pieces on 
A Screw Hook- I picked mine up from Wilkinson but you can buy from B&Q, Homebase etc
Rope/ String- that will hold well enough! You can buy these in hardware stores or habadasherys
A hack saw/Stanley knife- something that will go through wood easily! 

So for the first step you need to detach the bottom of the hanger from the top as we only need the bottom piece. 
Most should just pull away as its only attached with a nail. Take it apart in the safest way to avoid injury! The one I used pulled apart really easily, some may need a little bit of prising. 

Once you have done that you may notice the ends are slanted and don't look that great. So this is optional but I do think it looks better. Remove the ends. 
To do this you'll need to saw the ends off so you have a nice flat end. 
Please be careful for this step again to minimise any injury. 

Next make sure you have enough string or rope the length you would like it to hang. Obviously the shorter the rope the higher it will hang and vice versa. 
Then tie a knot around the stick at one end, make sure it's tight enough so it won't go anywhere. 
Go around a few times if need be, if you used to be a scout this is where your skills will come in handy. 

You then need to do the same on the opposite end so take the end of the rope and tie it the opposite side. 
You don't want the rope to be in anymore pieces than one so make sure it is a single continuous piece of rope 

Then find a suitable place to hang your jewellery. If you want it against the wall like I did bring the nail away from the wall on the ceiling so it doesn't touch it when its hanging. 
These screws go in quite easily especially on ceiling so just push it in where you'd like it to go and screw it around and make sure its tight and secure. 

Something a bit like this..

You then going to want to hang the rope off the hook so to make sure it hangs securely just loop around itself on the hook to put it in place. This bit may take a bit of fiddling around. Mine hung a bit lobsided so just make sure the weight is evenly distributed on each side and there isn't more rope on one side than the other. 

It should look a bit like that. One thats all done, onto the fun part! Placing your jewellery on the hanger. 
I decided to place the lighter, daintier pieces on here just because of weight issues. I've left the heavier pieces for my birdcage just because it'll hang better with lighter pieces however you can hang on there what you wish, bracelets too if you like! 

And that's it how easy was that? Have fun with how you place the jewellery on the hanger! I hope you enjoyed this and if you give it a go let me know! 

Until next time take care! 

What's your opinion?

  1. This is such a clever DIY, it looks super cute on your wall too! Xx


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