Cry Baby

I have wanted to show this Jumpsuit for AGES because number one, it has freaking dinosaurs on it. Number two its from The White Pepper one of my all time favourite places for quirky pieces, and number three again the dinosaurs, seriously ALL the dinosaurs.

I've had this jumpsuit for a while to be honest, its always one of my favourite pieces easy to style and to put on when I'm off into town or just for a day at university. 
I managed to get my boyfriend to snap a few of these where we live, a nice little spot in the park we often go jogging past. 
The weather was gorgeously warm and we'd just booked our holiday so spirits were high (and still are very much so for the holiday). Much in comparison to the weather outside right now, its pouring down! 

So by now you will have guessed I quite like dinosaurs so when I seen these dino earrings from Wild Inanda there wasn't even a question of want. I simply needed them. I didn't manage to snap any of them on the day I did the photos unfortunately I don't know why I just forgot. They are there honestly!
But took a lovely photo of them below for you all. 

And finally I thought I would fill you in on a few updates from me, the next two weeks are going to be so busy! I have a deadline next Friday which has loads to be done in preparation for that! I'm applying for internships which is very exciting however very stressful and time consuming! In the meantime I've been creating videos for my project at uni which you can find under 'Work filmed and created by me' here on my YouTube channel. 
Also watch out for my monthly vlog at the end of this month!

I'm putting finishing touches on my room so once that's finished I'm doing a bedroom tour and watch out for a few home DIY's. The first should be up by the end of this week or the start of next! I'm excited to be showing you some of those! 
So lots to be done, to create exciting things! Please bare with me on posts over this time!

 I shall leave on a positive though and say that even though it may feel now like you may never see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is coming. You just have to keep going, keep pushing and giving yourself a kick every now and then and before you know it you'll get there and it will be so worth it. 

Take Care beautiful's! 

Jumpsuit and bag: The White Pepper, shoes: select (I know I keep wearing the same ones!) Necklace: Scarlett Hearts, Sunglasses: Minimum Mouse 

What's your opinion?

  1. Aww you look so cute! I love this playsuit with the leather jacket. It looks like such a comfortable outfit!
    Deimante x

  2. Love this outfit!
    xx Alyssa


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