Packing for: Paris 4 Nights and 5 Days in Winter

I highly dislike packing I would even go as far to say I despise it. Which is probably a strange way to start a post about packing. Your probably thinking why are you blogging about it then? But I think I am much like anyone else. Packing isn't fun at all. I practically have about 8 heart attacks just worrying if I have everything in my suitcase before having to frantically squeeze something else in that only just about fits.

You have to be practical too. This 'Guide' if you'd like to call it that is packing for 4 nights and 5 days so call it a week if you will. You have to be savvy about your options and create a nice capsule wardrobe/suitcase.

This is actually the first time I've been abroad. So internationally I'm a bit of a rookie. But I have packed several times to go to different places so I have a pretty good idea what's good and what's not so good to bring.
So lets get started shall we with The Essentials.
This is the you cannot forget these or you'll never get off the starting line.

Passport- Which is basically a no brainer

Travel Insurance- Even if some people say you don't need it or even forget to get some cover. YOU DO need it, it is not a waste of money. At the end of the day its covering your own back.

Money- Change wisely depending on where you are going. Make sure you have enough!
I've heard credit cards are also less risky to take than debit cards + debit cards you get charged for transactions! If your happy with cash stick to that!

Phrase Book- not always essential especially if you speak the lingo. But if you don't this helped me a great deal in Paris. Er pardon, let me just get my phrase book for that.

Travel Sick tablets- if you're like me and HATE travelling long distances and need these to stop you feeling poorly!

Painkillers- because nobody wants a headache whilst adventuring around the city... especially if you've had a good night the night before..
European Plugs- absolute essential especially if you need to charge your camera and phone whilst there which is probably a yes. You wont get far without these!

In your hand luggage

Mints- great for refreshing sweets but also pretty amazing for if you suffer from travel sickness like me mints can sometimes take the edge of things and make you feel a little less sick.

A good book- journeys get boring, FACT! And even if I'm not that much of a reader I always pack a book because I will usually end up opting for that. Again depending on how I'm feeling on the journey. Not all people can look down whilst travelling. If you can its a great way to escape for a while.

In the same way A Magazine is also a little more handy if your not much of a reader you can just flick through the pictures for a while.

Passport- for going through border control. Total nightmare if you leave it in your suitcase!

Money- you can never pack enough snacks for the journey or even if you do you can't really resist a Krispy Kreme at services.
Sunglasses- travelling with the sun in your eyes is never fun.



The Parisian look is natural, very little or next to none in terms of makeup coverage. So you will need the bare minimum.

Red Lipstick- personally I think every girl should own and take with them a red lipstick everywhere they go. But first find your right shade, everyone has a shade that suits.
Even if your makeup is minimal- red lipstick gives a pop to your face and brightens it up.. you could almost call it an accessory.
Plus red lipstick is a classic, ladylike and minimises your chances of being ID'd honest!

A eye shadow palette- with colours that compliment you. I think for every eye colour you can't go wrong with a Smokey eye so this a perfect piece of kit for evenings.  

Foundation- again if you want to follow the Parisian way and you can do without foundation do (honestly I wish I could)
 However if you know a good (or) if your lucky perfect shade of foundation use it to give you that bit of coverage. I'm using Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation at the moment which makes me look a bit more awake (hurrah) and gives me a natural glow to my skin.

In the same way a Contour Kit- for the evenings and highlight for a nice shimmer in the day.

Lipbalm- if you plan to go when its cold or even if it isn't Lipbalm is essential to take everywhere! & in the same way hand cream! My hands got so dry in the cold whilst there!

Hand Sanitizer- if your eating on the go this is essential! Also just really handy!

Beauty Essentials

This is think is quite a personal one depending on what regimes you follow and the routine you have.

Moisturiser- a personal one what ever you feel comfortable with. This time of year if you suffer with dry and sensitive make sure you take a strong or very moisturising one to make sure you protect you skin from the cold!

Dry Shampoo- because you cant waste every night in Paris in the shower.

Cleansers and Toners- essential to use all the time but always great to really remove the makeup after a long day.

Make-up Wipes- usually I wouldn't advise these. I don't use them anymore because they make my eyes SO sore after using them for a long time. So usually I stick to Micellar water however for travelling and for the sake of space I do stick to wipes because for a few days they don't hurt.

Toothpaste & Toothbrush- which is always an essential but I'm sure I'm not the only one in saying I almost nearly always forget to pack these. And usually have to end up asking at the hotel reception for them.

Deodorant and Perfume- obviously a no-brainer
Straighteners- if you can do without them- you go girl! I cant seriously my fringe wouldn't stay right for a second.
Shampoo and Conditioner- mini ones are great and save space!

The outfits

In outfit circumstances you can take what ever you like especially depending on the time you are going around. As I went in February this checklist is more the Autumn/Winter.

2/3 daytime shoes 1 evening pair of shoes
You can wear a pair on the way and way back which can make more space in your suitcase to pack extra if needed.

2/3 coats
I took 2 wore one on the way and way back and packed one for the days I was there. Bare in mind coats take up a lot of space in suitcases so be wise with your choices.

1 outfit to travel in
Depending on how you feel about this you can travel in the same one back.
 Comfort first however if you feel you need to, you can pack an outfit for the way back too.
I packed a blanket wrap because its warm, stylish and doubles up as a blanket.

2 hats

3 bottoms and 3 tops or 2 bottoms 2 tops and a dress/jumpsuit  
Be savvy with your combinations!

2 going out outfits
because I'm always indecisive about what to wear on a night out and ALWAYS change my mind. Take one showstopper and one other that you feel good in.

This is the complete run down of everything I took clothes wise.

2 hats
1 pair of trousers
2 skirts
4 tops (1 in case I changed my mind on the others)
1 pair of dungarees
2 going out dresses
2 coats
A scarf
Pair of gloves (that I some how managed to lose one- I no longer have a pair)
Enough underwear to last me the week
Small bag to take out in the evenings just for the essentials

The Accessories

'Mix and Match is key!'

A pair of sunglasses (I actually brought whilst I was there little did I know EVERYONE wears a pair if they want to be a fashionista) not only that but it was really sunny whilst I was there so this was a bit of a rookie error. Who knew there was sunshine in winter?

A few different pairs of Earrings, both for going out and for daytime. Depending on your style and how you feel- pull out some big pieces. When in Paris!

A Few different Headbands/Headscarfs- I took about 3

Rings- as many as you want as they don't take up a lot of room
 Necklaces- I took around 4 too mix and match with different outfits.  

So that's all! I hope this helps any of you due to travel! I would use this as a rough guide as knowing me there's bound to be something I have forgotten!

Until next time, take care!

What's your opinion?

  1. This is such a thorough and well put together list! I wish I'd had this last time I visited Paris xx

  2. Love this little guide! Also, your passport cover is so cute!
    xx Alyssa

  3. I love these kinds of posts because I find packing so hard! Love all your outfit choices too!


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