London Fashion Week| Quick Highlights & Round Up


Much later than expected (I apologise) but because I just love doing these I wanted to do a round up of London Fashion Week and just sort of pick out my highlights. 

I've been so busy this weekend with moving house, as you know you dont need me to paint a picture. There's been boxes everywhere and stress, stress, stress. 
Not only that but I've had no wifi so I've been trying to work on this in at university as and when I can! 

So I'll go in first with my MOST favourite brand ever, especially during LFW. 
Preen- I say every single time I do one of these that they are a brand that just bring something new to the table every year. I love to watch them evolve and change as a brand yet still somehow stay true to their identity. 
In my opinion this collection is a girls my absolute dream. It's takes you through from day through until night. 

A trend and pattern which was echoed much through most of the collections is these dark florals, its edgy and mysterious. 
This first outfit from their collection- I want. 
The entire outfit is SO chic, sexy, moody and I just love it. 
I love how the nightime is a complete flip and contrast to the day the sequins and the colours are just SO pretty! They make me want to scream: "oh my god all the sparkles and the fluff." 
I can't emphasise how much I fell in love with this collection, in my opinion it's their best yet. 



House of Holland are a brand that I love for their fun and completely out there party girl London feel to them but this time their collection didn't completely take me back. I'm not usually one to say on these posts that I don't like a designers work because personally I don't see much point and I love Henry Holland but this collection wasn't really my sort of style.
 However I decided to pick out the pieces that caught my eye. 
These two jackets are utterly gorgeous! 
The prints used in his collection are so quirky and fun and stay true to his repeating prints like the jellyfish and the rockets along with the colours that are used, really gorgeous.
The gold suit is a showstopper right? 

I have became an absolute lover and watcher of Julien MacDonald at LFW. 
His brand is one I admire so much now after last season when his collection caught my eye I was so excited to see this season. 
And.. it didn't disappoint it again oozes so much sexiness, its provocative yet so contemporary and grown up. 
His clothes just scream greek gods and goddesses. 
I am obsessed with metallics as you all know and so you must guess that this just so appeasing to my eyes.  
I think this collection also nods more slightly to a more futuristic feel and the play with cuts and the fabric manipulation is what makes it so unique and puts the emphasis towards the body. 


Sarah Burton did this collection beautifully and in true homage to Mcqueen; staying true with the moths and butterflies. It's nostalgic, romantic and very much fairytale. The dress that completely blew me away was second one honestly if I had that dress in my wardrobe I would be a happy girl!
Again along with the dark florals as a trend for A/W sheer layers and lace is one that was heavily used through out. It's a nod to the gothic trend once again. It flows beautifully through out this collection and that dress in particular is just cut and drapes beautifully on the body. And the embroidery, wow the embroidery simply and utterly stunning!

alexander mcqueen

 Erdem's collection is a definite nod to vintage. It's old fashioned and edwardian yet slightly folky all at once. They are too a brand that make me stop and look at them during fashion week for their femininity and their attention to detail.
I fell in love with the suits which both have a sort of twist on a classic.
Along with their flowing and transparent pieces which just are truly beautiful.
They're staying along the lines of the romantic and haunting feel to the collection echoed throughout the others yet at the same time taking it back in time a little. This I think is done perfectly.

The best of the rest 

These are a few brands which caught my eye whilst having a browse through the designers and ones in which I haven't ever heard of before.

Three Floor caught my eye because of these stunning dresses, again they are quite victorian looking and gothic. The colours in the skirt on the left work so well together and I could totally imagine swishing around in it.

three floor

I love Charlotte's stuff because its so freaking fluffy and her pieces are the type that I wish I had in my wardrobe! The pieces are so sporty and ultimate cool paired with a very girly feel which works so well

charlotte simone

So quite a quick round-up as mentioned! What did you think of the collections, and which one was your favourite?

Until next time take care beauties! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Preen and McQueen were two of my favourites too, the pink sequin and fur look was everything <3


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