Valentines Day

Now this is quite a funny post because as your reading this I'll be on the way to Paris. As I said in my last post, not for valentines day but with my university. But I wanted to get a post up on what I wore for our meal out last night, before I go as by time I get back it'll be old news. 
I did't really plan on a new dress for Valentines day but whilst browsing for clothes to wear to Paris I stumbled upon this one on Missguided and basically fell in love with it. 
I love a dress that has a bit of an unusual cut, this one has a middle panel missing and the top lace. Which I feel breaks the dress up beautifully! 

Me and my love visited The Cosy Club where I love for a meal which was a-mazing I had Pork Belly with crackling and mash, with sorbet for after. And J had Fish and Chips with Chocolate Brownie both equally gorgeous I honestly could of ate them both. 

Anyway bit of a quick post because i'm supposed to be packing until i get back, 
take care! 
Au Revoir! (I've started already)

What's your opinion?

  1. Such a cute dress, love the colour! Happy Valentines day

  2. Love this dress and your hair is so nice!
    xx Alyssa


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