Question's I get asked as a Fashion Student & other Honest Truths

I've wanted to put up a written post for a while now, because I love to write and don't get to do a lot of it at university. So it's taken a while to getting round to doing it!
I'm hoping this is one you'll all like and hopefully find a bit of humour in it!
So I'm a fashion student as most of you probably know, and a lot of the time I mention it in my blog when saying I've been busy due to a deadline or I'm stressed out or whatever. 
So for this post I thought I would talk about the questions I've been asked so far during the time being on my course along with a few general things about what it entails being a fashion student all whilst making a little lighthearted fun out of it, I'm pretty sure if I have the time I'll do a Part 2 of these as there's already a few more things I've already thought about adding in.

So lets kick it off:

"Why are you on this course??"

I get asked this a lot when I'm moaning about pattern cutting, tracing patterns, sewing on the sewing machine and making something on the mannequin. 
The question specifically will be 'Why did you choose this course then?' 'Why do you do it when you don't want to make things?' 
The point is I'm open to delving into anything creative and new or something I have never tried before. But at this point I am certain I will never make a collection or design clothing. That doesn't mean I'm not open to learning it, just means I don't particularly want to do that. 
There is so much more involved in fashion other than that. 
The previous question goes hand in hand with

"Oh you study Fashion, so what do you want to be? A designer?"

*Rolls eyes* again there are more jobs in fashion besides 'being a designer'
But that doesn't mean you get out out of learning how to make and produce clothes even if your job doesn't require that knowledge, unfortunatly.

"Whats in trend at the moment then?"

Most days I don't even know what to wear. Let alone dress to be 'on trend' countless times I've told someone I study fashion and they're like "So whats 'in' at the moment then another *rolls eyes* you have more chance of me telling you what's in trend in 2050 (in regards to a recent project) and by that time I will probably of forgotten what it was I researched into anyway. 

"So as a Fashion Student I guess you have to be really well dressed?"

In all seriousness my choice is usually between: Comfort and Style. For me most days I choose flats. Carrying round a heavy portfolio day in day out in anything other than that, no thank you. 

"How is university going at the moment?"

(Question asked from a fashion student) "Have you seen [insert famous designers name here] most recent collection for [insert season]"

And don't you dare say no.
It's almost a sin to not know the whole back catalogue of previous fashion designers collections.

And heres most of which you'll face being a Fashion Student

During your time at the university you could of made a whole garment without even realising. 

The amount of thread that will attach to you during your time at a Fashion College or University will almost amount to enough fabric to make an entire garment..that's a slight exaggeration, I'm not certain on this- don't quote me)
There isn't a day that goes by where I haven't walked out of the studio to someone saying "oh you have a bit of thread attached to you, oh and there, and there" and before you know it your picking pieces out of your hair. 

You don't even understand the meaning of sleep anymore (there's no such thing as an early night)

You actually look forward to climbing into bed after a long day of staring at a frozen illustrator screen and praying for it to respond. 
Your running 5 briefs at the back of your mind. 1 your actually trying to focus on along with the 2nd that's very closely due after. 
Not to mention the main deadline for all of those, sorting your portfolio out and applying for internships (and breathe) 
The fun doesn't stop there oh no.. even after a day and night spent at uni you then have to keep up with your sketchbook. That always some how ends up getting left until last minute right before hand in. 

You spend a large majority of your time on your course researching luxury and designer brands. 

As your tutors laugh at the thought of you even being able to afford the prices.
Even Topshop seems a bit price-y when your a student. Still doesn't stop you going crazy when they have a sale though.
Isn't in my size? I'll take it anyway I simply need it. 

Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator won't be your friend. 

Do they care your deadline is 6 hours and counting? Nope they'll simply crash as and when they wish and leave you on the edge of your seat whilst they decide if they want to open again.
Honestly it's more intense that watching a film.

For a full term your room will look like a bombs hit it. 

You haven't got time to have a tidy room midway through deadline period. Who said tidy space, tidy mind???
The only time your room will be tidy is right after hand in when you do a little clean up.
Then along comes the new brief and BAM just like that your straight back to square one.

Until next time, take care

What's your opinion?

  1. I lived with a girl who did fashion design at uni and this post feels like she wrote it! Everything is so alike her at uni! I think every uni course has those eye rolling questions!

  2. Love this! Especially the gifs! You have some unique inspiration which makes it so lovely to read your posts.

    Great blog so far! Looking forward to see what are you going to write about in the future!


  3. OH wow this post is fascinating to me. I love hearing about what other's degrees are like and what the standard 'god why are you asking me this' questions you have to deal with are (mine are also totes eyeroll worthy). Hopefully you catch a break soon? (Though I'm saying this with papers piled around and notes and lol what's tidy mean? Can you eat it?

    Fii | little miss fii | uk fashion & lifestyle

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  5. This was so interesting! I don't know any fashion students, but I'll admit, there are definitely a lot of assumptions surrounding the course! x

    Martha Jane |


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