Photo Diary: Paris

Bonjour, Bonjour! 

I'm back from my little trip to Paris with quite a substantial amount of photos. You'll be pleased to know I'm not sharing them all.. we'd be here for hours. FYI, I whittled them down from 1,511 to around 200ish. 
So I'll warn you now this definitely by far one of my most photo heavy posts, but sorry not sorry it's Paris and I literally couldn't stop taking photos of its beauty. 

We travelled to Paris by coach on the Sunday which took round about 10 hours or so to get there which included half an hour on the Euro Tunnel which I had never been on before (this was the first time abroad) eek so exciting! 
So for the most that day was spent travelling and sleeping. 
So first the first proper Day in Paris we decided to the typical touristy things and go for the landmarks. After getting on about 6 wrong tubes we reached the Arc De Triomphe which for me was such a surreal moment coming up from the tube and just seeing it there really was a moment I'll remember for the rest of life. It's just funny because it's something like you just see in films and to see it in real life is something else.  
We also had a wonder down Champs Elyees to see what the shops had to offer. 
After there we then headed to the Eiffel Tower to see it in all it's glory. 

On the second day we did a lot of walking and wondering around the city. 
Firstly we visited the Pierre Cardin museum to see his work which was very inspiring. 
Before going on to admire lots of the stunning architecture in the gorgeous sunshine and did more touristy exploring of famous places such as Notre Dame before heading towards Louvre. 
At the end of the day and by far my absolute highlight of the trip was visiting Sacré-Cœur at sunset just seeing the city from that view as the sun went down was truly beautiful and such a remember- able moment especially spent with wonderful people. 

The final day we got taken on a coach trip around the city to see the landmarks and be told a bit more about Paris which was really insightful. We stopped off at places along the way to take photos and then finally we got off at Louvre again and we wondered around the area to Tuileries Garden which is just truly stunning. 
We ended the last day going back to the Eiffel Tower at night to see it all lit up which just completely topped the trip off for us all. 
We couldn't just finish it there so decided to go right to the top of the Eiffel to see the city and say one last goodbye. 

The last day and travelling home we stopped off at Premier Vision which is a trade show in Paris unfortunately because its so private what goes on there I wasn't aloud to take photos. So I snapped a cheeky one outside instead. 

*photographs taken by me, Veronika Badova and Tomas Bendik 

Hope you enjoyed that, and if you did there's also a Video Diary which will be up on YouTube hopefully at the end of tonight you can find at the bottom of this post when it is! 
Not only that but I also have a 'What to Pack for Paris post' on its way if your planning a getaway soon, so watch this space for that! 

And no rest for the wicked! I've been busy since being back from Paris preparing to move again this weekend to another house, which is exciting but equally stressful!
So I will keep you updated on that, until next time take care! 

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  1. Wooow so lovely ^-^ i am going to paris next month, excited <3

    JULIE ||

  2. gorgeous post girlie! I miss Paris x

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I especially like the ones of you - such a fashion blogger!! <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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