I think i'll start this post by talking about the obvious. My new layout and header! 
I started the new year by saying that I wanted to do a sort of 'rebranding' of my blog because for me I felt the old one was getting a bit boring and I felt I needed to up my game a bit more. And not one to shy away from my new years resolutions I decided to take the plunge.
Change is good right?!

My header I am so pleased with which was done by the lovely Yolande you can find her Instagram here and her tumblr here I can't thank her enough for her gorgeous Illustrations she has done for me.
It's so exciting for me that my blog has sort of entered a new era, I've always said that I have grew up and my blog has grew with me. Being 21 this year basically makes me an adult so I felt I wanted something a bit more professional yet still me. 

Anyway so once we've acknowledged that, make sure you have a little nosey about and see whats new or whats changed. And I hope you like it all! Let me know what you think! 
If anything my recent posts slider is making me look a bit lazy at the moment because some of the posts seem a bit old now. 
So I apologise for that still I've been keeping things quiet so that I can focus on doing the whole rebrand thing so this is sort of like a grand opening! 
However as you know I do try to post as regularly as possible, so I will try- promise! 
I've even brought a planner and everything!

So enough of my rattling today's post is an outfit one.
Which is actually pretty perfect for the weather recently, it's been cold and snowing here YAY, finally! 
So I think these blanket capes are great. 
Even if they do sometimes look like you've just brought a blanket out with you incase you get cold. 
But stylish and double up as a blanket? I'd say that was a winner, whats not to love?
I'd actually get loads in different colours because they're so versatile and can be layered over the top of most things. 
This suede dress is a perfect autumn piece because of the colour and not to mention suede is bang on trend this season, I also wore it towards the end of the summer so I love a good piece that can be styled up differently through out the year. 

That's it from me for now, as I said I really hope you're loving the new look. 
Until next time take care pretties! 

Outfit: all from Primark (whoops)

What's your opinion?

  1. I love this outfit especially the blanket scarf! xx

  2. I'm loving suede dresses at the moment too - I have one in a very similar style that I wear all the time <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  3. So beautiful! Also, you'd have never of guessed it was all Primark just by looking! Yay for looking awesome for a reasonable price haha


  4. You are so gorgeous my love. And I absolutely adore the cape! Not sure I could pull it off though...

    Rhi x

  5. Love this outfit!! The earrings are lovely, such a different piece. Loving your header btw the illustration is so good!! Blanket scarves are amazing, they are also fab for doubling as a a pillow when you need a nap in college Ahhaha Xx

  6. I LOVE the outfit, definitely something I'd wear! Also your hair is gorgeous, lovely post! x

    Martha Jane |

  7. from your hair to your boots gorgeous. x


@paige rhianne_