2015 Round Up!

So this post is basically obligatory now. I think it's a nice thing to do at the end of the year, reflect on some of the memories created, lessons learned and friends we have made or lost. 
It's also nice to share that with you all on my blog, some of the memories I've had that you too have witnessed throughout the year.

So much like last year I though I would begin with summing up all the things I've 'done/started/finished/accomplished/found this year' but also look at some of the resolutions I set last year and whether I managed to do them. 

So kicking the first one off. 

1. I said this year I will attend my first festival whereby I camp and do the whole sha-bang which I did! I attended Latitude. I got to see some really amazing bands that ticked a lot of my list and created some memories I feel very nostalgic for.

2. Talking of bands I've seen this year both gigs and at latitude, the main ones on my tick list (not them all, that'd take too long) .. Hot Chip, The Vaccines, Wild Beasts, Ben Howard, Years and Years, Wolf Alice, Noel Gallagher, Florence and The Machine, Alt-J.
The just after the release of The Vaccines album I got to meet them at a meet and greet which was SO nerve-racking and looking back quite embarrassing but very exciting and I'm thrilled that I got to see them. (Justin though)

3. I also said last year that I would meet more bloggers. Really get out there with my blog and although I didn't attend loads of events I got to attend a few and met some lovely girls.
+ I achieved a very unexpected but totally amazing piece of news this year when I got shortlisted for Blogger Of The Year at Clothes Show. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. (because this is one of those soppy posts) I am so grateful for all the support and everything I've had for my blog and even though I never set out for recognition. I still do it for myself but at the same time it feels like all the time I've been doing it, now it really feels like it's paid off.

4. I finished my first year of University which ended in a really rememberable way with a few fashion shows and getting to go to London to help out there. Starting second year isn't even a scratch on first- oh my the stress, but to complete the first with some grades I'm really proud of feels amazing. 
 Also winning an award this past year at University for a video I created is so amazing too, being really proud of something I have done and being rewarded for it is such a great feeling. 

5. I got my nose pierced yay!! Which has been on my New Year's resolutions for 2 years now! So finally I confronted my fears (and pain) and just went ahead and got it done! - So happy I did.

6. And last and by no means least amongst meeting some lovely bloggers this year the people that have stayed with me through thick and thin are really the ones that hold me together, my family in particular. 
And my boyfriend well he's been a rock the whole year, and I honestly don't know how I'd ever cope without him. 

Below are some photos, taken from my Instagram of some of my moments captured on camera.

And how would this post be complete without looking back on my outfits throughout the year? 

January. February. March

April. May. June

July. August. September

October. November. December

Finally, this really will be on the spot because until writing this now I haven't came up with any new years resolutions as of yet, and to be honest didn't really plan to but thinking on it now there are a few that I hope to happen. 

1. Much like first on my list last year get a tattoo- I know what I want just need to get it done fgs.
2. Travel abroad- I'm booked to go away to Paris next month, exciting but equally nerve-racking! 
3. Get an internship in London- I'm applying now so hopefully someone should take me, haha! It'll also be a dream come true and again so scary but something that will be a great adventure and experience for me to learn and grow.
4. Be more confident- I think I am but then things arise whereby they really challenge me to come out my shell. I keep telling myself to be more like the way I am when I'm drunk which is probably a bad thing to say but I am quite a confident person among sometime being embarrasing.. when I've had alcohol much like I think most people are so I need to take some good things away from that in every day life. Just without the alcohol. 

6. Focus on me and my well being- much like last year do more yoga and look after myself. Especially stop stressing and making myself ill when it comes to deadlines at Uni.

7. Finally keep working on my blog and meeting bloggers- which is a no brainer.

I look forward to the next 366 days which is probably less once this is posted and I look forward to sharing it with you all. 
Until next time hope you all had a wonderful New Year, take care!

What's your opinion?

  1. Aww I loved your little outfit roundup! Thats such a cool idea.

    I hope you achieve everything you want to achieve for 2016 ^_^ xx

  2. Your halloween look was immense!!! I think I love Oct, Nov, Dec outfits the best, although of course you look stunning in all


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  4. Cute photos and style :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.


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