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I never used to be a fan of New Year it was one of the times of the year I quite liked to just hibernate and pretend that it wasn't really happening but now it's one of those things I quite like and look forward to.
 I think that usually depends on what is going on in your life at the time but I have definitely warmed to it much to one of the things that has changed about me over the past few years. 

I think one of the things I love is the planning, and by that I mean the outfits. I love any excuse for a good dress up and this is one of the evenings in the year where you can go all out. So I decided that this year it might be quite fun to do an NYE outfit inspiration post whereby I found the 'Fashion Tribes of NYE' and found the perfect piece for you to fit into them. 
Go ahead find the one that suits you best!

The Glitter Tribe

Let me set this one straight. There is no such thing as TOO much glitter. There just isn't, in fact the more the better. I'm talking glittery eyes, glitter in your hair, on your hands, arms, and on your feet. Literally anywhere and everywhere 
The perfect pieces for this: you can choose a top to toe sequin number or break it up and mix pieces just make sure there's that one statement piece that sparkles!

Glitter on the eyes always looks dreamy and especially under your eyes, much like the photo below using big pieces of glitter or stars is such a statement.
Hair glitter too has been a massive trend for a while, which works particularly well if your roots are coming through!

Keep in mind when styling Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice mid festival season, tumblr and all the mermaid feels.

All that glitters

The Metallic Tribe

Metallic is everything I love and this time of the year it's the perfect opportunity to shine in it. It's a statement in itself.
 So it deserves that one piece that stands out. There's so many variations of the colours, rose gold, silver, bronze and other colours with the metallic look.
So choose one, dont mix! Or else you can run the risk of looking too tacky!
Gold this time of year is perfect though!

Makeup should be subtle, almost nude with a metallic or smoky eye. This trend is goes hand in hand with plenty of highlight!

Think designer, luxury. Think along the lines of the J'adore- Dior advert!

Shine bright tonight

The Queens of Sass

This one came into mind when looking on the likes of Pretty Little Thing and Missguided because I think this is a trend they do so well. So look at their lookbooks for inspiration when styling this!
 This trend has plenty of attitude its sleek its elegant but it has that edge, that fierce sass about it. 
Keep your make-up classic and a red lip ALWAYS works. 

You shouldn't go too much over the top with this one, less is definitely more.
 Leave more to the imagination! 
Classy but sassy


Hope you enjoyed that post as much as I loved putting it together, which outfit are you going to wear for new years? 
Until next time have a WONDERFUL New Year!
OH and hopefully I should have a new layout and appearance soon stay tuned!!

Take Care! 

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  1. Glitter will always be 100% me! Great inspiration post xx


  2. I am definitely one of the The Glitter Tribe! Hope 2016 is good to you Paige <3

    Gisforgingers xx


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