Clothes Show Live 2015

I thought I'd split this post into two separate parts but in the same post because why not? 
Clothes Show only happens once a year may as well squeeze the most out of it..
This year I attended on the Friday and Tuesday...

As on the Friday me and a small group from my fashion class worked on the university stand. 
It was part of our project, which was quite a fun one whereby we had a theme 'Drabridges' based around the sarcasm of Dismaland and sort of playing on department stores and pulling the funny side from it. 
We were tasked to build the stand from scratch as well as make and sell the products. 
So yep a hell of a lot of work went into this, it was a nice thing to see everything come together at the end. 

Day One- Friday 

Day Two- Tuesday 

So this is really a bonus as you all know I got shortlisted this year for Blogger of The Year at Clothes Show.. unfortunately thats all I got. 
I won't be bitter about it because hey we can't win it all. And I mentioned so many times how much it all meant to me to actually be a finalist because man I love my blog and my readers. 
So that aside I wasn't one to grumble about a free ticket and getting to see one of my favourite fashion shows. Also Tuesday's at Clothes Show are bargain days so if you've never been before, that day is worth going on... they started the week selling Rimmel bags for £10.. Tuesday £5 also another bargain Cosmopolitan and Elle magazines + a free gift at the start of the week for £3.50 Tuesday- £1.50 yep theres the proof. 
So apologises or not apologises if you love photographs but this post is pretty photo heavy so I hope you enjoy it and make sure you check out my new video on Youtube at the end. 
I love putting those together so I hope you enjoy watching them! 

Thats all from me for now. 
Just a last little thing to mention at the end I'm off for Christmas now so have a tonne of time on my hands if any of you want to see a particular blog post or video.. I'm aiming towards doing a Christmas Q&A by the end of the week then just drop anything in the comments below.
Take care gorgeous's and hope you are all in the Christmas Spirit!! 

What's your opinion?

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