Pom Pom Earrings

 I haven't done a DIY for ages! I think you would agree one is pretty overdue to say the least! I don't know why but as it gets closer and closer to Christmas I seem to catch the crafty bug. It fits in perfectly this year though as we have to create items to sell at Clothes Show in Birmingham. 
Pom- Pom jewellery is pretty big at the moment. Key rings, earrings, necklaces you name it you can stick a pom pom on one. 
I chose to show you how you can make your very own pair of earrings. (These are perfect for christmas presents!- Especially if done in christmas-y colours!) 
Or of course for yourself. 

So lets get into it.
Below I have listed everything you need to make a pair. 
Obviously everything is optional. You can buy wool in any colour you wish!
And you don't have to use fabric scissors however depending on the thickness of the pom pom you may need them to cut through the wool- believe me it is difficult sometimes! 
Also same rules apply if making any other piece of jewellery so if you have a spare ring laying about use on and make a ring instead! 

First you will need some cardboard and your going to want to cut out two circles of the same size

Then once you have done that either fold the circle in half and cut out a half moon shape to make the inner circle. 
Or as I did and just cut into the circle and cut around to make the circle
Depends on preference and which you find easier I do it this way to make it easier for the wool to be wrapped around however my Mum tried this way and said she found it harder so you can just keep pulling the wool through the middle instead. 
As I said up to you.

So firstly overlap the two pieces of cardboard and wrap a piece of wool around both and tie it so it doesn't come off.

Then keep wrapping it around and around and around until the cardboard is covered.

Again this is preference so you can wrap it around as many times as you like thickness is up to you. Thicker you have it the bigger the ball and vice versa. 

Then once you have done that. You need to cut in-between the two pieces of cardboard chopping the wool apart. Don't panic! It won't fall apart!

Take a piece of wool long enough to tie in between the cardboard and tie it around really tight! So it doesn't fall apart. Go around a few time just to secure. 

Then push your pom pom out from the cardboard. At this point your pom pom maybe be a little out of shape which is really easy to just correct. Take your scissors and cut some off the excess and make it into a more rounded shape. 
However if it comes out perfect you can skip this step, and know I envy you..

To turn it into a earring you can attach the pom pom to a chain or a piece of ribbon or whatever you like. I decided to just thread the long piece off the pom pom through the earring hook and tie it until it is completely secure. 

There you have it! I can promise you that after one you will want to keep making more, in different sizes and colours. They really are so addictive. 
So really hope you enjoyed that, I have another DIY coming to the blog soon in a few weeks- its a christmas one! 
So look forward to that!
Until next time from Me and Misty 
Take care, beauties! 

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