How I spent Halloween!

I don't usually embrace Halloween, in fact I usually hate it last year I dreaded the day it came and hated the things in the shops in the lead up to it. I didn't get the hype and excitement around it and in fact it used to actually scare me haha. Even though I blame that on my sister for playing scary Cd's with noises on when I was younger. 
But this year.. I fully went with it and embraced every moment to the point I was even burning Halloween themed candles at least 3 week prior to the main event. 
I don't really know why I was excited this year, so I haven't questioned it but because I have I decided to make sure it was planned well to ensure a good day/night.
And with that I decided to share some of the photos with you in the lead up to it and how I spent Hallows Eve. 

This year me and my boyfriend decided to go as sugar skulls something that I have always loved. It allowed me to have a play around with makeup and get to wear a beautiful silver wig, that I wish was my own hair! 

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween how ever you spent it! I have to say I loved it that much I have even decided what I'll wear next year.. anyway until then!
Take care beauties!

What's your opinion?

  1. Paige, you look freaking amazing <3 Love Halloween! xx


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