Chic Happens | Styling lighter colours in autumn

My main obsession at the moment is grey, sweatshirts, metallic and sportswear. Ask anyone I know, I am obsessed. I feel like my style is just completely changing at the moment, either that or I'm going through a phase. Either way I like it. 

I think you come to a point sometimes where you decide on comfort or fashion and I think it's important to associate both. So I am loving this outfit at the moment. 
The jumper is from Primark, I came across it and sort of loved its understated slogan on it, the colour and the roll neck style just made me fall for it even more, its perfect for lazy days and for days where you want to just feel comfy. I spent a day in it last week just editing and felt so cosy! 

I'll do more of a close up of my shoes in another post I have planned (the photos took weren't too good with the shoes) but they are absolutely my new babies. Everything about them is just MAJOR *heart eyes emoji* 

I also got some lovely pieces from The Body Jewellery Shop I wanted to include in this post. I've really got into piercing's recently as you all probably know I got my nose pierced so I've been hunting round for some nice piercings so that I can change it once the one I have now is fully healed. 
I love this company because of the choice of products they have, not a lot of places actually specialise in body jewellery which I've found since having my nose pierced. 
The nose pirecings ones I got sent are so cute and I love the combination of different ones that you can change to go with what mood your in. 
I also got sent some lovely ear pieces that mimic having your helix pierced which is great for if your thinking about getting done but you're too scared (like me) I love these they look so edgy and indie.
They have some amazing Ear piercing jewellery so definitely go check them out! 

 I've had such a crazy, crazy and surreal week I'm planning on doing a blog post on a few updates that I'm excited to tell you all about so bare with me for that. One that includes a very exciting prize that I won (if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know). As I mentioned in the last post I'm trying to keep my posts as regular as possible whilst being at uni. I've already had 2 deadlines in just 2 weeks!! So I hopefully you get where I coming from. 

Until next time take care beauties.

Sunglasses and Jumper: Primark, Piercings: Body Jewellery Shop, Jeans: George, Shoes: River Island 

What's your opinion?

  1. Love those earings so cute! Your blog header is adorable by the way! Im following you over on bloglovin now :)


  2. Oh I love this look and it's absolutely something I would wear. I love the jumper, the earrings and the shoes - basically everything! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. great post dear! I love your blog:)

  4. i absolutely love your piercings (and lovely outfit too) x


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