London Fashion Week| Highlights & Round Up

As your probably aware this week/ last week was London Fashion Week. Which for me is my favourite fashion week of them all, London being my favourite place and with the fact that all the British fashion is on show is very exciting to see! 
I spent a lot of it glued to my screen waiting for shows to begin, and tweeting about them (unfortunately couldn't get a ticket, *sigh*) 
So I thought I would do a post much like I think I have done for the past two years on a little round up of the fashion shows that I very much enjoyed/am lusting over/need the clothes from. 
You get the picture. 

First up I have to talk about Julien MacDonald as his show was my absolute highlight of them all, can I just say this show just oozed sexiness. From the models wet hair/wet bodies to the clothes that glistened and sat so gorgeously upon the models. I loved all the patterning to it and the fact that it was indeed very much party wear which sort of got me excited for christmas? aha. 
It just blew me away honestly sex. appeal.

I have to say that every year my favourites to watch out for are Preen I have been a massive fan of theirs for ages now and I always love the fact that they are a brand that comes out with something completely new each season; yet still somehow manages to stay true to their brand. I love the aysemmetrics of the cuts and the prints which always makes me fall in love with them. 
Their location too was very architectural, urban and cool. 

Again with Burberry their whole look just gave out such a sexy and don't mess with me sort of look, I love that it's kind of rocker but feminine at the same time. It's very much up my street in terms of style. My absolute highlight is this dress just pictured below, so stunning!

Erdem is SO hauntingly pretty! The prints and textures is gorgeous, very gothic and romantic at the same time. The colours are so beautiful for Autumn/winter!

Topshop was another collection that followed through with the florals which was echoed within many of the collections, but it had more of a dressed down; still party but more of an effortless young look to it. Which is something I always love about them, its about the perfect wearability of a girl my age plus it's very ladylike!

I always love the prints in Mary's work. This one I feel has a very folksy sort of look to it, a little boho too. The colours are so deep and the dark against the flowers really makes them pop! I love the metallics and disco style print towards the end of the collection too, definitely day to night sort of wear.

The best of the rest

I loved the metallics in the Felder Felder collection. Being a magpie as you may know these dresses made me give the major *eye hearts emoji*. Disco and a sort of hustle like feel I felt this collection gave. 

& Mother of pearl again these pieces with the florals on are so pretty! I love the candy sweet colours in them too! The collections very innocent and girly! I love the way in which they were styled, please I NEED the jumpsuit! 

*all photo layouts by me
What did you think of all the collections?
Which one was your overall fave, let me know.
Until next time take care

What's your opinion?

  1. Great roundup girl! I loved Mary Katranzou and Burberry, and Julien Macdonald was just a dream! Preen looked good aswell, loving the asymmetric cuts! :) and hopefully you can get tickets for next season!!

    Heather Xx

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  3. I love Burberry and that dress is stunning - I would actually wear it out too!

    Gisforgingers xx


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