Another trip to London!

As I mentioned in my last post, last week me and my man took small but fun trip to London. I always like to post about going there because each time we do, we try and do something different or go somewhere new and it's nice to share that with people who are hoping to go in that area or are a bit unsure on things to do whilst down in London. Plus it's just nice to record my memories from it.

We stayed in Clapham this time around in a gorgeous Hotel and Spa. We spent the first day going down Oxford Street (me and J are pretty obsessed with shopping at the moment) and even though we've been there before I think you can never turn down a visit to Topshop there; that shop is massive! The evening we spent going down Clapham High Street recommended by the lovely Amy.
We worked our way down the street in a very fashionable way starting with a bar called 'The Railway Tavern' that served us popcorn even though we didn't request it, I thought it was the cutest thing ever and I definitely didn't complain if it's there I'll eat it right? 

We decided to eat at a place called The Honky Tonk then went on to a wonderful (filled with so many cocktails) cocktail bar called 'Be at One' there was so many to choose from! And then J came across this really amazing and right up my street place called 'Revolution Bar' which was literally like vodka heaven! But we'll leave that there.. 

The next morning we wanted to go back to Covent Garden being my favourite place in London and after seeing the many instagram photos of the balloons installation I had to see it for myself. We had a browse around then walked all the way to carnaby street 'cus we also happen to love it there too.

Until next time beauties take care!

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