Sugar in my veins

This time a week and a day ago, I was enjoying soaking up the sunshine. Which happened on an odd day in the middle of the week leaving the other days dull and overcast. For once weather was actually on my side, so to take advantage of this me and my friend took to a beautiful park to have a picnic. Queue the very giggly and not so serious faces. 

Funnily enough the weather hasn't been too nice since, so I have recently began thinking about autumn/winter trends which strangely isn't one of my favourite seasons. I have more fun with clothes in the summer and I hate having to take a coat with me everywhere I go but that aside I brought myself 2 new coats recently that are sitting pretty in my wardrobe waiting to be worn. 

Anyway to talk about the present, I have been dying to wear these Zara Cullottes for ages but was waiting for a nice enough day to wear them, I decided to go with my ever evolving mixing patterns theme and pair it with this Urban Outfitters top that I just adore. 

Oh and you can play a little spot the difference on these photos, except using my previous photos on other blog posts. Notice anything different about me?!

Another thing I just wanted to drop into this post I just wanted to  talk about my content recently as I feel like it's been a bit all over the place. 
As its the summer holiday's I have been trying to experiment and expand more. I love to write so I've been trying to include some personal stuff as well as some lifestyle and trying to keep up with my usual personal style posts so I hope this is something you are all enjoying.
My blog has always been a reflection of me so I like to put as much of myself in it as possible so you know a lot about what I'm up to and what I like. 
I hope you can tell how much fun I had taking these photos! 

OH and did you spot the difference? 
I FINALLY got my nose pierced yayyy! And got a new camera for my birthday so hopefully you can enjoy some crisp, shiny good quality photos! 
Until next time take care you gorgeous lot!

Top: Urban Outfitters, Culottes: ZARA, Shoes & Bag: Primark

What's your opinion?

  1. love the outfit and can't wait to see your upcoming posts! x

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  3. ah I adore this post and I am so glad that I just found your blog.
    Your fashion sense is wonderful. Ive always been scared to wear cullottes but you totally rock them!

  4. Beautiful pics, you look lovely!

  5. Love the clashing prints! You look amazing, obsessing over your culottes :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  6. You look so gorgeous! Love your hair and that top! <3 What camera did you get? :)


  7. Absolutely LOVE those culottes. I am having such a moment for culottes at the moment so I may need to add these to my wishlist :) Gorgeous look and what a stunning backdrop!



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