London Thunder.

I'd be lying if I didn't say this outfit was completely inspired by the queen that is Alexa Chung.
 I went into Zara 2 weeks ago and no word of a lie brought 3 pieces for £30 three beautiful pieces that included this gorgeous words can't describe dress. 

Everyone knows the style, the colour and the material. I for one found myself lusting a lot after the AG Jeans campaign with Alexa that features a dress just like this, if you know the one you'll know that these two don't differ apart too much except the price tag. 
I sort of went on a whim to Zara not entirely expecting the find much but finding this I had to have it. I've heard rumours that it was supposed to be £60?! I paid £12.99.
Oh yeah bargain hunter! I've been dying to show you all! 
I also love the fact that you don't just have to have it as a dress either it looks quite nice as a long style denim jacket, just to mix it up a little! 

I've been trying to give my self a little kick up the backside recently too, I've started to do more fitness to keep myself healthy as well as eating good as well! Because I have been feeling a little down recently and it's quite refreshing to get in a better mind set and be more positive about things too. Think it's really needed before I start Uni again in September.

Until next time take care 

Dress:Zara, Shoes: Primark

What's your opinion?

  1. I saw this piece in the sale too! Didn't snap it up but it looks fab on you.

    Rachel |

  2. Gorgeous dress and such a bargain! I've been loving denim dresses recently xx

    Ioanna |


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