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I utterly adore flowers, ask anyone (especially my boyfriend) I love receiving them as a gift or a present to myself. They brighten a room and especially put a smile on my face.
I don't think that flowers can be any more perfect for a new home to brighten a space.
So when Appleyard London got in contact and asked me if I'd like to receive some flowers from their new summer range of course I said yes. 

It actually couldn't of came at a better time either, I've been ill since the start of the week. It's a good job my fingers can still type as my voice has completely gone! So it sort of felt like a get well soon type of thing!

It actually took me a while to decide which ones I wanted (I could of had them all) but being a lover of sunflowers especially this time of year when I lust after them in shops I came across this bouquet called the 'Mojito' beautiful flowers AND named after a cocktail yes pl-ease!

Oh and apologises for the photo heavy post, I couldn't resist taking loads of snaps of these they're just to pretty!

You can just tell upon first visit to their site, they take the care and presentation very seriously I mean it's a total flower lovers dream. If your anything like me when it comes to occasions: birthdays, mothers day or Easter. I usually like to buy the ladies in my family flowers but it can often be hard to find trustworthy places that will deliver on time and look as good as they say on the website not to mention last minute, I mean we've all been there right?!
You can send flowers (or receive if you fancy treating yourself) and have them delivered the very next day* with their Next Day Flowers delivery service which is just a-mazing! Not to mention they deliver 7 days a week! 
I think it's also worth mentioning they do gift sets, wine and hampers too, so it's more than definitely worth a look!

I honestly don't lie when it comes to stuff like this I could honestly sit here and gush about them for ages, I've had my flowers a few days now and they have came out beautifully they aren't even showing any signs of wilting! Plus walking into my room is SUCH a delight they smell so so good, which is something I haven't actually noticed from having other flowers before.

Appleyard are currently and very kindly giving offering 33% off their range of luxury bouquets (excluding flowers by post range)
 just by entering BLOG33 at the checkout, you are welcome! Enjoy!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I do love having fresh flowers in the flat, they really brighten it up. Especially with sunflowers! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte


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