What went down.

new look mixing prints outfit stripes floral

I think this may well be an outfit post where my hair is up for like the first time in ages, makes a change though right?! 
So things have been a little busy lately as I'm currently in the process of moving house, I wont go into much detail though as I'm planning on doing a post once it's all over, however I'm hoping that wont affect my blog too much and I will still be able to post as regularly as possible. 

I'm a little later with this one than I would of liked this week so I wont be doing a Fri-yay post on Friday as I am just so pushed for time but I hope you have been enjoying them! Everything is just a little bit up in the air at the moment so it's a little bit like aghhh 
Anyway I also have a little DIY coming soon too because I haven't done one in ages so that will be nice. 

My outfit today though is one I sort of accidentally put together much like the last outfit I posted, I am quite obsessed with mixing prints at the moment and this happened by buying these pieces together and photographing them next to one another to show my boyfriend before buying them and then after I brought them I was like 'wha these actually go together, like why not?' 
The top isn't usually something I go for but for some reason I fell in love with the colour and the pattern. 
The shorts on the other hand naturally just walked their way into my wardrobe what with being stripy and all. 

new look mixing prints outfit stripes floral

mixing prints new look outfit stripes floral

new look outfit mixing prints

new look mixing prints stripes floral outfit

new look shorts tshirt stripes floral outfit

new look mixing prints stripes floral outfit

One last thing have you seen my new video on youtube? I'm trying to fit lots more filming time in during my time off university! So look forward to (hopefully) seeing a few more! 

Until next time take care you gorgeous lot & and have a wonderful rest of the week and a brilliant weekend! 

new look floral stripes mixing prints outfit
Top and Shorts both: New Look, Shoes: Primark 

What's your opinion?

  1. You look so pretty !


  2. I love the prints together! They work well :)

    Belle in Black and White

  3. You look so pretty with your hair up, you lucky thing! A huge good luck with your house move, how exciting :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  4. You look lovely with your hair tied up! I love this outfit, the patterns actually go together so well! About to watch your new haul right now! And good luck with your house! :)

    Heather Xx

  5. You look stunning Paige! This outfit is just gorgeous x


  6. Great combo, the pinstripes and floral look fab together!

  7. Lovely mix of patterns and great top!

    District of Chic

  8. Love this! Shorts that look like skirts are the best :)

  9. These shorts are so cute and I love your shoes.
    I never expected that stripes and flowers would
    work together, but your outfit looks really cool - you know
    how to mix them. ;)

    la-ailurophile.blogspot.de (<- my new blog ;))

  10. Love this outfit, the prints totally go together they look amazing and anything thats striped will always end up in wardrobe too! good luck with moving house! x


  11. Love all the mix of patterns!
    Such an adorable outfit :)

  12. Looking gorgeous as always girl :) x


  13. I love clashing pints. Great look.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  14. I hope your move went well! This top is cuuuute, it makes me think of Autumn!

    Tara x


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