My April Top Picks & Recommendations

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As I've mentioned a few times in my blog and in previous posts, I love this time of year. And with new seasons comes new favourites, wishlists and a general shift within things I'm liking.
In particular and with working in a clothes shop I notice the new spring stock coming in and it gets me so excited, this time of year I love to read magazines and keep up to date with what's up and coming with in the fashion world. I lot of it inspires my future waredrobe but also a lot of the time I lust for other things past and present.
So with that I've compiled a little wishlist of things I want at the moment, I've labelled them all below but I'll give a brief talk on a few different ones.

First Metallic oh my god anything metallic now I am literally like a Siegel I swear anything shiny, holographic or irradescent I'm there. It's a massive trend for S/S too especially accessories wise which is why I am totally lusting after this back pack from New Look it is everything I want rolled into one. I've been toying over a lot of colours but I know now is the time to just get it, so you will definitely be spotting that in a up and coming outfit post.
Suede! And that is also a trend you can't deny. I have actually just brought a suede skirt so that one is ticked off of my list, not to mention other earthy tones are well and truly in fashion (much like always this time of year) trusty Khaki is back again and this comes in the form of a lot of military style clothing and I just NEED this jumpsuit from ASOS.
Denim as well is also absolutely everywhere at the moment I think a lot of that came from Alexa Chung's campaign but in terms of a high street version you can find so many denim pencil skirts on the high street right now that I am so seriously lusting after and think will look great with a bit of leopard print!

1. Heart Choker: shopmoonchild, 2.Backpack: New Look, 3. Suede Skirt: Topshop, 4. Necklace: Urban Outfitters, 5. Jumpsuit: (similar) ASOS, 6. Denim Skirt: Zara, 7.Leopard Print Shoes: M&S, 8. Metallic Skirt: Oh My Love, 9. Pool Sliders (these are Michael Kors, budget version Missguided) 10. Backpack: Topshop,

On to some things I've been loving recently and wanted to share with you.
I'm a big vintage lover and as readers you will all I know. I love when I come across a new shop or boutique. Also I am a massive fan of independent and smaller shops and I think it is so important to support those, not only do they work so hard but their stuff is sometimes cooler than some stuff on the high-street, its unique and how many other people will you see walking around in the same thing?!
Bamble Vintage is a new favourite; all her stuff is lovingly picked and god so affordable! Not to mention she is super lovely! I decided to compile a few little picks from her shop that I love and that are so so perfect for spring. 
The bag especially is a personal favourite of mine. 
And if you like what you have seen and want to visit Sophie's shop you can get a discount just by typing in HELDTOGETHERBYPINS at the checkout you will recieve 30% off all items over £10. 
Expires on April 30th 2015


Bamble Vintage 


What I've also been loving this month is a lot of music that's been coming this way recently as you may know I have a music blog separate from here (but you can find it by clicking on music at the top) I will blog about this on there but I have been loving  new music from The Vaccines, Florence + Machine, Hot Chip, Everything Everything and Mumford and Sons I can't even express how excited I am for new albums from them! 
Also this monday coming I am going to see Ben Howard then in a month, Maccabees. Can. Not. Wait


First I have just finished reading 'How to be Parisian' which is such a wonderful book and sort of like a little bible for all the things you need to know about leading the life, and wanting to be a Parisian lady, its witty and humorous and above all quite factual! I read this so quickly, and its such a gorgeous book with lovely pictures! 
And now I've gone on to reading Tanya Burr's book just because it looked really really good, I love learning new tips makeup wise and other stuff and I just figured it would be perfect for that, not only that but to allow myself to learn more about her.

Films and Tv Series

I dont know what it is, and I think this will come as a shock to see this as my favourites and I can't really decide if it's because they are really good or I'm just getting very bored of other stuff. 
I have been loving watching Breaking Bad and I know I'm behind and if anyone spoils the end I wont be happy, but since watching the first few episodes I am totally hooked and now I finally get the hype.
Fortitude is also another very gripping and completely different series, I've been watching it with my mum and we spend most of the time being confused by what's going on but it is damn good.
And also I though the Film Gone Girl was 100% worth a mention I watched this film ( I wont spoil it) but the ending will leave you completely jaw dropped, oh my god I hold my hands up its one of the best films I've seen in ages. 
I cant believe I'm actually saying that, I know I really don't know what's happened.
Maybe it might all change when I finally get round to seeing The Duff at the cinema.

Anyway apologizes for the rambling, much like last post. And yet I still know that after this I will be kicking myself that I didn't include this or that but from what I included I really recommend them all to watch, listen to ect ect. 
So enjoy and let me know what you think!
Until next time, take care gorgeous lot! 

What's your opinion?

  1. That heart choker is so nice but I could never pull it off xx
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  2. I love the look of that book 'How to be Parisian', looks a great little read. Fab blog!

    Rachel xx

  3. Love the khaki jumpsuit!+ I love Breaking Bad, such a good show! x

  4. That rose gold rucksack has my name on it! Love your blog design - how cute is the illustration!

    Georgina - smashbox palette giveaway!

  5. That backpack from New Look is adorable :) x

  6. love that jumpsuit!

    from helen at

  7. So many things for me to look at in this post! I can't wait for the new Vaccines album too and Breaking Bad is amazing :)

    Bethan Likes

  8. I love this jumpsuit! I need more suede in my wardrobe. Watched Gone Girl last night, waaaah! Can't stop thinking about it!

    Tara x

  9. I love this time of the year too :) I've been tempted to buy 'How to be a Parisian' so many times. It looks like such a beautiful book.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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