Thats where the love lies, under the shadows.

I have always been a lover of buying leather, whether it be a staple biker jacket, skater skirt or my ever faithful pencil skirt. It's always been something that I feel empowered in, confident too you might say. It's a statement piece and I feel that having it in my wardrobe allows me to style it with most things and I find it works.

These pair of leather trousers I brought from Zara are my absolute favourite and let me just say one thing, first pair of trousers that I haven't actually had to take up or hem. They are actually the right length hallelujah! 
I found myself searching all over for a pair and as I mentioned in my last outfit post going crazy in Zara helped me stumble across these and within laying eyes on them I just had to have them! 
I should also mention that the coat I'm wearing and boots are the same as in the last outfit post, I have literally been living in them I think I probably will until I see the winter out.
It's been cold here at the moment and with a recent snow fall (yayyy!) this coat is just so warm and comfy and cosy!

Wearing turtle necks has also been a love of mine recently I find that they are too something that I can just pair with anything. Also I'm a bit of a strange one when it comes to winter I know I have to wear a scarf because it's cold but then it always ends up annoying me, dangling on the floor or something like that. 
I found myself running for the bus the other day then thinking 'shit where did I put my scarf?!' Only to turn around and see it lying on the pavement I mean just stay around my neck for god sake! So moral of the story, turtle necks keep my neck warm minus the scarf which equals a happy Paige. 

So that is all from me a short post I know, I haven't really got much to report on. University work at the moment has been quite slow going it seems to be going through a bit of an eery stage which I can only put down to the time of the year. 
It's been allowing me to spend more time on my blog though, and it's made me realise that maybe I should take more advantage of my city for photographs.
Until next time, take care!

Oh, oh and this is my 200th post wooo! Here's to my wonderful readers who take the time to read them, honestly I adore you all.

Coat: Forever 21, Trousers: Zara, Top: Primark, Necklace (cant remember sorry), Hat: H&M

What's your opinion?

  1. Congrats on the 200th post! Are these a recent Zara purchase? I need them in my life!! You look amazing here.
    Alice xo

  2. I have had an obsession with turtlenecks too! They're so classic and kind of remind me of the perfect! I love the grey and black look!

  3. Zara have some awesome leather trousers at the moment, I love yours!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Love that this is your 200th post, the next post I publish will be MY 200th post :P Anyways, I love this outfit and I love the photo of you smiling - you're so pretty! :)


  5. great post and such a chic outfit!

  6. You look amazing (as always), I love your coat and
    jumper. And I think have the same pair of Zara pants, they are
    perfect, right? They are so versatile - I'm wearing mine non-stop. ;)

  7. I love your style - that coat is gorgeous! Also loving your hair colour :) x

  8. What a gorgeous outfit, so simple. I'm so self conscious about wearing leather trousers so I've put it off, but the fit of those Zara ones may just swing it for me!

  9. What a gorgeous outfit, so simple. I'm so self conscious about wearing leather trousers so I've put it off, but the fit of those Zara ones may just swing it for me!

  10. Your style is beyond beautiful!

    Love, Summer.

  11. Gorgeous look! I adore your hair too :D
    Also I think your blog banner is really cute :)



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