My top 6 Tips for a Happier and Healthier lifestyle

January is said to be one of the slowest, darkest and most depressing months on the calender, not always the case but this month has been dull with the promise of snow and then not receiving any (lucky if you did!) and we also had to endure Blue Monday. Not the most fun after a Christmas of over indulging and lazing around. I didn't set myself one of the typical resolutions of 'Lose Weight' but this month I have been completing Dry January.
 I'm not much of a drinker anyway, I do enjoy it but this month I felt it was something I wanted to do for me.
They say that a good detox is good for you anyway so I thought I'd set myself up to the challenge. I haven't seen a massive effect on myself but I do feel better and healthier for it, anyone who knows me would say I'd choose a cup of tea over an alcoholic drink any day (that is unless you offer me a lemon bon bon cocktail) 
But it got me thinking and recently I've been struggling with my skin so I thought it wouldn't hurt if I gave myself a different frame of mind in being healthy and feeling good. 
So for this post I have complied a list of even the smallest things you can do to make you feel better on days when your a little low or just in need of a general pick me up.

Start doing Yoga 

It doesn't have to be Yoga but I'm sure there are many others who would agree the effects you get from Yoga are second to none. Its good for your mind and body. 
It also helps with anxiety and the need for stress release I know on days where I've needed it afterwards you feel so much more relaxed and in better frame of mind, the effects I seen after just a week of doing it blew me away.
And ok not all people might agree, people find different things work for them but my main point is do something that gets your heart going and helps you feel better about yourself.
I'd also just like to point out at this bit that I picked up a yoga mat from Primark yesterday for just £2! I am chuffed with that bargain.

 Burn insense (or/and candles)

I think my family and especially my boyfriend worry about my health and safety when it comes to either of these I think that's because I once scorched my flowers in my room and may of accidentally left them unattended a few times but they are my favourite I love the different scents, colours and ways to present them. 
Incense especially helps relax the mind this also comes in conjunction with Yoga. Burning incense can help you feel calmer and more focused, at least for me anyway my mum just seems to think it smells like burning wood..

Do something you love, EVERYDAY!

You may think that isn't possible but I mean the little things (not eating a bar of chocolate everyday I probably would if I could, that links to the next point) 
I mean the things you love to do if you love reading try and fit in a chapter of a book before bed, on the bus or before you go out in the morning. 
Listen to music when there's a screaming baby on the bus, or there's one of those inconsiderate people on the bus who like to play their music for everyone else to hear, put your earphones in and it will be a much better experience, or just listen to it before you drift off to sleep.
You get my point the little things things that make you smile and release those endorphins.

Banish negative people and attitudes

Its a well known fact that having people in your life that are negative around you or even negative towards means your not going to be a happy person. And the more time you spend away from that person the more you'll realise how much better you feel for doing so.
Sometimes it's not possible to move away from that person in case that you have to tell them how they are making you feel, and I promise that will make you feel better too. 

Cut out bad for you foods (but not all of it, we are human afterall)

If you can cut it out then good for you! But I don't think its necessary I think there are days where we feel that we could benefit from eating a little bit of chocolate or that cake in the shop sometimes it does make you feel better, it might not be good for you but as long as you dont eat it in moderation or on a daily basis its okay.
 This is what I'm getting at cutting out a little bit here and there will help you feel better and hopefully not as guilty. 
I am probably an addict to cakes but I find I enjoy them more now if I have them every now and then, I am trying to eat more healthier. 
A new favourite of mine has been getting more creative with breakfast. I love bananas, and especially banana chips (basically dried out bananas) so I have been eating more cereal with fruit. 
A quick recipe I put together recently is yoghurt layered with cereal and banana with a drizzling
 of honey (and by the way honey is very good for you, again in moderation) 
Also I've been loving smoothies, they're so easy to make and you can (within reason) put whatever you like in and just mix it up!

Pamper, pamper, pamper! 

There is probably nothing I love more than coming home from work on a Saturday to a relaxing wash, with a face mask, hair mask, manicure or pedicure whilst listening to some music. Its the ultimate come down. You need it, everyone needs me time. Only yesterday I went out and treated myself to some new products to try (I went on a bit of a mad youtube session so got a few reviews) and now I can't wait to try them out. I guarantee you will feel a million dollars afterwards.

Ingredients for the perfect Pamper night

1 Montagne Jeunesse- these are my favourite they have so many different variates to try that I challenge you to find one you don't like!
Failing that I love the ones from Avon try the Pore Penetrating and Egyptian secrets peel of mask!

(Or try this!) Ingredients for brilliant and spot healing face scrub

300g White Sugar
3 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice
3 Table Spoons of Olive Oil
2 Table Spoons of Honey 

2. Candles from anywhere- but yankee are my favourite they burn for hours & look for incense in the scent Sandalwood ultimate relaxer!
3. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Hair mask- smells amazing and you can really tell the different on your hair so shiny and gah amazing!
4. Primark I love.. Banana Split Body Wash/Bubble Bath
5. Some relaxing music personally I suggest London Grammar's Album and both Ben Howard's albums.

*all images from my instagram: Paiigeebaybee
And there you have it, in no way am I a diet expert or life expert but through trial and error I have found some of these ways helpful in order to see happy results.
And don't get me wrong there will always be days when we want to pig out and watch Netflix but hey like I said we are only human.

I really hope you've all enjoyed this blog post if theres anything that i've missed or you want to know more about just let me know.
This is sort of the start of my new section on my blog that I will be calling 'Us Girls' I'm hoping that it will be a positve page where girls can share there stories, self help guides and in general have a rant.
I'm really excited about it and I hope you all are too.
Until next time take care you lovely lot!

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  1. Love this!! I think it's important we all do something we enjoy and that makes us happy every single day :) and I definitely agree on getting rid of the negativity and rude/mean people. life is too short to deal with that!


  2. Fab little tips on staying positive and healthy. I'm looking forward to your new Us Girls feature :)

  3. All of these sound lovely although I must say that I love the yoga bit. It definitely makes me feel good even though I don't do it quite as much as I want to. Anyway thank you for sharing this post! Great advice :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  4. You have summarized all I want to do this year! :) And I love the way you did it, it was so creative and beautiful! And I really want to try out your face scrub! :D

    Much love xx
    Catarina //

  5. Love this post, such a good read. I love burning candles, although something similar happened to me where I accidentally through my scarf down on a lit candle and set fire too it! Luckily my boyfriend ran to the bathroom and chucked it in the sink, I'm too clumsy! Is your cat a korat? I have two korats and they look exactly like your cat aha, so cute!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  6. Awwh these are great! I really want to start doing yoga, looks so relaxing :) xx

  7. This is such an uplifting post! I was going to start yoga in January but never quite got round to it!
    Can't go wrong with a yankee candle can you xo
    Sarah-Jane xo //

  8. Banish negative people, oh, so hard but the most important init :))


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