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Two weeks ago I visited London again, this time to go to the V&A museum for the Wedding Dresses Exhibition which was beautiful and very inspiring. But I was in London and not far from Knightsbridge so naturally I took a wonder down the road to do a bit of window shopping, at least until I seen Zara.

I've always loved Zara but honestly I think I made my best ever purchase(s) there having gone a little bit mad upon spotting the sale in there I found out a few beauties. In the end I ended up purchasing a pair of leather trousers (which I have been after forever) and this absolute beauty of a leather midi skirt which is slightly longer than that, me being short and all.
I sort of did a bit of a panic in the shop because I have been after a leather midi for a while but I wanted a black one, this being grey I couldn't decide; this I thought was unusual though and I liked that. In all it was a bit of  a 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' moment.

On a second note, I have finally took that dive and brought a new coat as I've been in need of one for ages (since writing this I've brought yet another one) I love this one though, I think I tend to hide behind a lot of black and this coat is still black but with a lot of white so it sort of pushes me more out my comfort zone. I sort of want to wear with everything now though.

And speaking of comfort zone you will probably notice in these photos I am out of mine i.e. my back garden. I think I'm just at that point now though where I've stopped worrying about what people think being a new year and all I want to really work at my blog this year and make it the best I possibly can.

Coat: Forever 21, Jumper: H&M, Skirt: Zara, Boots: Boohoo
So that is all from me for now, I have to finish by thanking you all for the such lovely comments on my last post the jacket I made honestly I took so much blood, sweat and tears I mean literally its so nice when things actually pay off so I cant thank people for their kind words enough.
I've also had some really positive responses for the new page on my blog I'm planning on doing so that will be going ahead (bare with me on that one)

And until next time take care you beautiful lot

What's your opinion?

  1. I love the coat! I've been eyeing you styles like that for a while.


  2. I love the skirt you are wearing! You look so pretty and I love these photos :)


  3. This look is so ethereal! I love it :) Also regret not buying that jumper because it matches my blog name perfectly!

    SinĂ©ad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  4. I love your skirt, it looks so vintage! Goes so well with the jumper as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. Zara has so many amazing things in the sale at the moment,
    that skirt is such a wonderful find and looks so wonderful on you
    - especially in that combination with the coat and that jumper. :)

  6. These snaps are so cute! :) I love it when you find an item you've wanted for agggges!!

    Tara x

  7. Great skirt, good call picking it up. Love that jumper too it's awesome

  8. Lovely outfit. That coat is gorgeous x

  9. That's a really beautiful skirt! I love midi skirts but they can be a little long on me, so I like to shorten them a little. I just love the skirt, tights and boots combo here, it's a look that I really love on others but never feel quite so comfortable wearing it myself.

    ~ K


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