Little catch up post, and what I've been loving this month.

First off apologies for neglecting my blog for a bit, it has all been a whirlwind since starting university and I've been so busy quite often I haven't had time to sit down and write a post and others I've just been too tired too. The last post was quite a negative but truthful one and I have no regrets what so ever on writing it, having a space to vent or speak about my feelings is good also a problem shared is a problem halved right?

So with being away thought I would write two posts. One outfit one which will come next and this one a bit of a catch up on things I've being doing and loving.  That is besides doing pattern cutting which I feel like that's all I've spent the past week doing, I have even been dreaming about it!
So I'll get straight into it...

1. I seem to be embracing the Autumn quite a bit this year so I've been enjoying many hot drinks (of course) lazy mornings and I have been doing a lot of making/baking. I discovered this recipe for fried apple with Cinnamon and Nutmeg I've been having it on waffles and pancakes topped off with toffee sauce seriously it's perfect!

2.Busy days should always be followed by relaxing nights, I think that's important. I love spending evenings snuggled up in bed with candles, music or a good book. I'm a sucker for candles, I think people actually worry for my safety for the amount I have scattered around my room.

3. Cilla! Wow did anyone watch the series on TV? I caught up a bit late having missed it but I was determined to see it and it didn't disappoint its one of the best things I've watched in a while the clothes, songs, actors gah just so beautifully made. If you haven't seen it I 100% recommend it.

4. Skirts, I seem to keep seeing them buying them, seeing them ordering them. I've had my eye on these two for a while and they both went in the sale so I was like MINE! Especially midi skirts at the moment they are my favourite! 
5&6 are sort of the same again, the leaves are turning burnt orange and red again so autumn is definetly in the air, I love finding pretty places this time of year and new things to drink for the first time this year I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks which is bloody amazing so gorgeous! 

And finally just thought I'd share some pictures from a vintage fair I went to a few weekends ago at a new place that has opened up by me called Fargo which Is just so amazing I now have a vintage shop near me and so many wonderful events going on, not to mention one of my favourite coffee shops yum! 

You can visit their website here and be sure to follow them for regular updates on both Instagram and Twitter (both links are on the website)

And thats all from me for now, as promised my next post will be up later in the week, or next week. Keep your eyes peeled for that and until next time take care beauties! 

What's your opinion?

  1. I spy some treasures among the lovely vintage pieces! xo

  2. Lovely post! Really want to try one of those pumpkin spiced lattes :')
    Check out our new post if you wish, -
    Ella and Eloise x

  3. OMG! we are obsessed with vintage pieces!!!!!!! Loooove Loooove Looove! Looks like a wonderful time!
    xo Beckerman Girls

  4. Looks like you are having the BEST time! Good lucks tin school, babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. great post! wish you luck with your study, too bad we dont have Cilla show in Bali (Indonesia).

  6. Those waffles with the fried apple and cinnamon look
    so, so delicious. And that vintage fair must have been
    paradise. :D


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