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So I figured a little catch up was in order. It was my birthday at the start of the last week so I am officially 19 now! (Also last year of being a teenager, but lets not mention that)
I spent the weekend in Stratford which a beautiful place at the best of times, but this weekend we were very lucky with the weather. I thought I'd share some photos from the weekend because it was just so pretty.
And lets face it a place where there's Ice Cream, fudge, little cafes, beautiful bars, boats and lots of bunting I'm pretty much right at home.

This week I've also been loving
1.This Old thing- hello major girl crush! I've been catching up on the programme and I'm eager to get the book, vintage fashion galore. Its also got me very excited for starting my fashion course in September.

2.Books- not just this one in particular (I do want to read this) but to at least read a few more books by the end of the summer I'll be happy.

3.Elephants- Elephants are definitely a thing right now! I'm obsessed with them I've just brought this jumpsuit above, I'm pretty sure I'll soon have a wardrobe full of elephant prints.

4. Loom Bands- ouch my fingers ache. These are literally so addictive I've been making loads since my sister brought me a set for my birthday. Also look pretty cool at festivals.

5.Films- I've reignited my love for films again. I recently went to see Begin Again at the cinema and it was absoloutely brilliant, everything I love in a perfect indie film. And Kiera Knightly's outfits are completely on point in every scene! The soundtracks pretty good too, I love Coming Up Roses.
Also this film 'What If' is coming to the cinema soon with a wonderful cast lineup, this is supposed to be one of the best films since '500 Days Of Summer' I know I'll love it (the girl also features from Ruby Sparks) looks SO good!

What's your opinion?

  1. Lovely photos Paige! It looks pretty with the cute boat and the hanging bottles :)
    I love your blog banner too its really cute! and Dawn O'Porter is a babe!
    great blog and also happy birthday :D


  2. I absolutely love your header, it is adorable <3 Lovely photographs, looks like a great day :) xxx

  3. Gorgeous pics, happy birthday pretty1


  4. thanks so much for your sweet comment, I love knowing that I'm getting through to people! Glad you had a lovely birthday - welcome to the 19 club! :) xxx

  5. aww happy belated birthday, and it seems like you celebrated it in style! i love all the snapshots you took- especially the ones of the quaint little buildings. So fun :)

    xo marlen
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  6. Thank you so much for your comment. :)


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