My Asos Wishlist

Let me just start this post off and say this could of been a verrryy long post as far as I'm concerned ASOS have one hell of a sale on right now! I spent most of this post going through the sale and screaming 'Need, want, gimme' at the screen. 
I chose out a few favourites though hard as it was and whittled it down to a few things I've been loving recently and things I hope to add to my wardrobe. 

First off Sunflower dresses and Daisy dresses, I just can't get enough! I would have everything covered in them given the chance and these 3 are just the prettiest. I have to start off with the first one because not only is it a dress it is in-fact a two piece, yep thats right you can 'button off' the top from the bottom! I've been quite undecided about it though because of the pattern, I dont do loud and this is quite loud (for me anyway) but I am thinking of giving it a chance. 
The last two both have gorgeous prints especially the Motel one which I've seen about quite a bit.

Next on the wishlist is bikini's again ASOS have looaads on the website but these were my absoulute fave. I'm in need of a bikini at the moment, I'm going away for a weekend for my birthday and know at some point there will be swimming involved so I have to have one. I have been tossing up a few and deciding the best print for me, I espeically love these two. Gingham and a bikini = match made in heaven. 

Culottes are my above all my favourite trend this summer, I actually can't stop buying them because they're so easy to pair things with not to mention SO comfortable.
I am also an absolute sucker for a good tshirt, slogan ones are my fave and I love this one obv because it's cat related. 
And the dress because, well its gingham and lilac and so so pretty.

And finally these pieces I''ve chose because I LOVE aztec/tribal sort of clashy prints at the moment, I think in a quest to step out of my comfort zone. And let me just mention I love elephants like elephant print on dresses, skirts if it has a elephant on it, I want it. 
This first skirt is right up my street. And the set in the middle I love because its a two piece. And last but not least, I NEED a kimono.

And that my lovelies is all from me, just a quick post as I'm off to watch some more IT Crowd and eat some more sweets. If you haven't checked ASOS's sale out yet though I suggest you do it now! So much good stuff, I have to apologize for going a bit 'CAP happy' on this post aha. 

Until next time, take care

What's your opinion?

  1. This wish list is perfect! I want that blue gingham dress :)
    Tiana x

  2. lovely wishlist! love daisy print dress!

  3. the asos sale is fab, great picks :) im actually selling a sunflower print dress from asos on my depop if anyones interested! username hlynes :) xoxo


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