I'm crazy for you, got the creeps by the way your body moves.

I've always been a bit undecided on Jumpsuits I've always stayed clear of them deciding that they probably wont suit me or that I'm not tall enough. This was until recently when I was having a little browse through ASOS and found a few jumpsuits in the sale. Originally I had been after a black one I'd seen loads of different versions and been pricing them up but I sort of got carried away with a few. I found a black polka dot one first and was instantly drawn to it because it was £8.00 and had a unusual sort of style to it, I brought it. Along with a ditsy floral one which has gorgeous fabric and my ever faithful black one in this post which so happened to be the dearest of the lot but so worth it. I.am.in.love.

Since buying them all though I have had the issue of my height sometimes I like to think I'm tall; but I'm not. The excitement I get when I get growing pains to the after ouch yeah that really hurts now. I am I guess average height so upon styling these I put them with my favourite flatform/heels. I did later discover though that as a matter of fact that don't actually look that bad without the heels, I'm wearing them out tomorrow and styling them with some brogues if I look small, hey so what.
I sort of have this theory too that as a jumpsuit is long and mostly balances out your bottom half wearing a floral crown it balances out your top half.

Anyway that's all from me quite a late post so I'm off to bed, spending tomorrow doing some shopping so I know I'll need the energy especially after spending 3 hours in Primark today deciding over which shoes to buy... anyway one last thing. It would mean the absolute world if I could give this #stylebloggerawards another push and ask for you to vote for me under the 'Best Personal Style Blog In Association with Missguided' honestly would just mean the world hand on heart. 
Until next time take care!
Jumpsuit: Asos, Top: H&M Headband: Handmade

What's your opinion?

  1. You look amazing in these photos, I *love* this outfit on you! Also your cat is so adorable haha! xxx


  2. How is possible that I just discovered your blog now? It's so cool!
    I'm following you^^
    Anywhy, cute outfit, love flower <3


  3. This is so cute! I love how you paired these black overalls with a daisy crop top- I've been wanting to try that :) Always love your style, Paige!
    xo Olivia

  4. Very lovely look!
    Thank you for following beaut, I'm following you too <33


  5. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  6. your overals/romper is divine! love your photos!

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your style is amazing actually! I love this outfit and your cat is adorable! :)


  8. Great look! Love every piece you're wearing!

  9. i love this outfit and your hair!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's a little $100 jewellery giveaway on my blog if you fancy a look! Click here.

  10. lovely outfit - love your top! ps amazing header xx

  11. I seriously adore the outfit!! I love floral and crop tops at the moment !! Amazing fashion sense!! ;)
    Maria xox


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