I think I'm cool enough, but am I cruel enough.

I planned on a early night tonight, well I always do but instead decided to a bit of an impromptu blog post. I'm back at uni this week so its pretty full on again I've got a lot to get sorted before my exhibition and then a summer of freedom hoorah! So thought I'd do a post in case I go a bit quiet. 

So these skirts, I never saw myself buying one actually I love them but after seeing them about so much I sort of got a bit fed up of them. After a while of seeing them about in plain colours at the weekend I came across this one. I said before buying it I wanted a sort of patterned one, one with a bit of difference and this one sort of fit the bill. At the moment as you probably well I know I am obsessed with black and white ( I really need to mix it up with the next post) 

Anyway I paired it with this t shirt I brought at the same time as my 'More Issues Than Vogue' t shirt, you'll of probably seen it many times its basically a piss take of Celine but being cat related it was right up my street.

As this outfit sort of sums up what I've been loving at the moment I wanted to get my little backpack in on the action because *squeal* how cute is it?! I've been dying for a little bag pack for a while and this is exactly what I've been after. 

And that is all from me, quite a quick post I'm off to bed. Dont forget you can still vote me for the 'Best Personal Blog In Assosiation with Missguided' at the #Stylebloggerawards i honestly cant stress how much it would mean to me, if you could just take a few seconds to nominate me gah it would mean the world! Until next time, take care!

What's your opinion?

  1. Oooh I love this outfit, your skort is gorgeous and that little rucksack is so adorable!
    Tiana x

  2. This outfit is really lovey, I was going to get that bag, wish I had now!! It looks so nice <3


  3. I'm not usually a fan of the skort but this one I love!

  4. This outfit is purrrrfect. Excuse that awful pun. :')

    Gorgeous as always babe! x



  5. your blog is so inspiring!
    i just found it now, but i am going to follow you :)
    if you want to check out my blog too, i will put here the link: http://free-zing-time.blogspot.pt/
    xx <3

  6. I felt the same about those skirts, everyone was wearing them. But now I quite like their cute shape, and I really like the one you're wearing. Also loving the kitty theme and the adorable backpack!!
    Good luck the uni work, summer soon! :D

  7. I adore this outfit! I want pretty much everything you're wearing haha and I loved the addition of cat ears to compliment your shirt. So clever!


  8. Great outfit!! I loved it! The t-shirt was amazing and I lloved the skort!!
    Maria xox

  9. I am seriously in love with your style, aaaaaah envy!!

    love victoriajanex


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