Everybody wants you, but baby your mine.

Quite a tired Paige writing this morning, or more probably afternoon by time this is posted.
Not quite sure why, could probably be the fact that I've been staying up late and listening to weird remixes that's done it, or the watching films late- either of those. 
But hey its the Easter Holidays weyyy! Or for me the most anticipated holiday of the year not only does this mean I get to eat A LOT of Malteasers Chocolate Bunnies, the nights are getting lighter and finally the blossoms budding on the trees. Also means I get a deserved break from uni, well I say break I am supposed to still be putting together my final designs for my exhibition which is coming along slowly.
Anyway decided on a outfit post today, I was going to do a DIY but that's saved as a draft so you will get to see that. I wanted to show this dress though as its spring and gingham is pretty much on trend right now. I brought this after I found out I'd got on the Fashion Degree at uni (yey still happy about that) I treated myself to this amongst others. 
And for me this is pretty much a no brainer, gingham AND daisies yeah you can pretty much find my name written somewhere over the dress. 

The collar doesn't come with it but I've developed a bit of an obsession with them at the moment so they're pretty much found under any item of clothing. Felt myself feeling a bit 90's wearing it as well. Which seems to be my era for most of my clothes at the moment (best era- in my opinion) I found myself in the last week saying I look like a nineties reject before leaving the house. 
Furthermore my backpack has made an appearance back to wardrobe seems we can never be parted.

So quite a quick post really as I should be getting on with sketchbook work and taking up my jumpsuit(s) haven't decided if I'm keeping them all yet and cursing myself I'm only 5'5 and screaming at my legs to 'grow, legs grow!' ha, anyway I'll eave it at that, that is before I get the tiniest bit soppy at the end here.

This year Company Magazine are running the #stylebloggerawards again and again this year I would absolutely love to me nominated. It would mean the absolute world to me more than people would actually realise. I've ran my blog now for 4 years, off my own back all my photography is done by me apart from when a family member kindly helps out. And all outfits are put together by me, I think of my own content to entertain my readers and I live for your lovely comments and feedback I get. I know that if I didn't get nominated my blog will still continue to run (obviously) but it would just mean so much more if I was even considered. So all I ask is you could kindly click the link below and place me in the category for 'Best Personal Style Blog' would hugely appreciate it you have no idea!
And one last thing wanted to draw your attention to my blog header which was designer by the lovely Yolande I'm ever so pleased with it. You should go check out her drawings and her beautiful instagram, her link is on the side bar at the top or equally just click here
Thank you my beauties, and until next time take care.

Dress: Select fashion , Backpack: Primark

What's your opinion?

  1. thanks so much for your comment, means a lot that you really like my blog! you look fuckin awesome here girl, that backpack is just perfect xo

  2. I love the 60's vibe! You look so cute in that dress :)


  3. This dress is all sorts of cuteness! Alex


  4. I think it's a cute dress and also the hairstyle!

    SHE WALKS Blog

  5. love!

  6. Your blog header is so lovely, I really like it.
    Your outfit is wonderful, too. I love your dress and
    that cute little collar. And your hair looks so amazing. :)


  7. You look very lovely!

  8. I've been totally in with the daisy trend lately. And you look great with it on your dress! Good look on your #stylebloggerawards. You totally deserve it:)
    Hugs & Kisses, Olivia

  9. I just found your blog and I'd like to say, that is amazing! You have awesome design, beautiful photos and interesting posts!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me now in my blog)


    Mary Rigby

  10. I love this!! Do you buy a seperate collar and just put it under things? And don't worry about 5'5!! I'm just under 5'2!



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