Updates & Bottle Green Vintage

So I'm going to start off with my biggest news eek! FINALLY!! I've been accepted to study Fashion as a degree next year!! I am SO happy! I just still can't believe the day has actually came, after last year getting turned down for interviews one after another to doing this foundation this year has finally paid off! I spent yesterday evening having a meal and a few celebratory drinks. 
Its quite a big pressure off my shoulders now so I can fully concentrate on just passing this course ready for a lovely stress free summer. 
University aside I wanted to do a blog post on a something I touched on in the last post. Recently I did a little bit of modelling for a label named: 'Bottle Green Vintage' I've loved and followed their stuff since I visited a vintage fair last year in Birmingham I brought what I always call my favourite pair of shorts. 
I was super excited because I'm a massive fan of vintage clothes and it was a lovely day doing what I enjoy playing dress up! 
I've put a few of my favourite photos below and linked all the pieces so all you have to do is click the image and go straight to Asos Marketplace! 

Not only do they have all these beautiful clothes shown above Zoe's shop has a whole load of more Vintage clothes were at the moment she has a Sale on what better time to go shop!? Not only that but they also do Festivals, parties and Vintage fairs. So if that has you interested which I'm pretty sure it has done go check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

After celebrating yesterday I treated myself to some pretty clothes so that means I have a few outfit posts on the way as usual as well as a DIY I've put together so please look forward to those!

I wanted to leave you a song from Foster The People's new album which is one of the most perfect things I've heard all year. Monday when the album came out I literally ran to HMV to buy it. Just oozes summer! It's been on repeat in the last week and just makes me feel incredibly happy about everything right now. Not only that but I've become an addict to Fun For Louis on YouTube so if your stuck for something to do or even not (like me) and you literally have to have your fix I recommend you go watch! But I warn you, you WILL want to go roadtripping, I do! 

Until next time, 
Take care pretties! 

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  1. love!

  2. Congratulations to you! Very exciting news. These pics are fab you look gorgeous x

  3. Congratulations little sister. You look great, beautiful and I couldn't be more proud of you xxxxxx

  4. Congratulations little sister! You look great, beautiful and I couldn't be more proud of you xxxxx


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