I can't take my eyes off you.

I try and do a Valentines post every year because this might be a shock to some people but I do like the idea of Valentines Day I'm just not very appreciative of it. Coupled up or not though it is a good opportunity to dress up, I kind of put this together for inspiration for those who are going out, or staying in depending on how you roll.

I brought this dress online from New Look at Christmas as I had hoped for you all to see it by now (more on that later) 
I adore this dress because of its sweetheart neckline which of course is very fitting. It's velvet too which is one of my favourite fabrics. 
I styled it quite classic and elegant and before you ask yes I was freezing. Thankfully I took these over a week ago when the weather wasn't quite as nasty, how horrendous are these winds?!

As  mentioned in my previous post I am on a quest to get better at make-up. This lipstick is wonderful I'll tell you why its wonderful.
Tuesday night this week I attended Foals which was which was GAH AMAZING!! I danced, jumped around, screamed for Yannis (several times) got elbowed, kicked and beer thrown over me. I came out looking like a drowned rat seriously hair a mess, dignity slightly in tatters and yet my lipstick still sat perfectly upon my face. Now that is a good lipstick!
I'll also point out before I finish this story Yannis stood above me on the balcony and tried to jump off (before security stopped him) If he had of done I probably would have died, but still in that moment it was looking up at god....
Anyway onto my hair I am utterly obsessed with beehives right now and since forever I have tried recreating them. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos recently though and as I love Rookie Mag I stumbled across their YouTube page to find the beautiful Tavi Gevinson and I seriously have to thank her for showing this brilliant technique for beehives without damaging your hair! I'll post the video below because honestly it is so easy to do! And Tavi is fab!

Last thing I want to talk about is this gorgeous necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity I've been in love with their jewellery for a while with their quirky designs. 
My friend brought me this a few months ago as a surprise which I'm ever so grateful for, I can't think of anyone that knows my taste better.
Anyway one last thing; the video I planned and put together possibly won't be uploaded now. I've had a few problems with the format ect and its just been impossible to save, so until I can I do really apologize! 

Finally sorry for rambling on this post I needed to take my mind of other things for a while (i.e university is a right pain at the moment)
To all of you have a lovely Valentines Day, hope you spend it (coupled up or not) in a lovely way! As for me I'm having a movie marathon. I'm loving heartbreaking romantic films at the moment so that's my plan. Just to finish it off I'll list a few films you may or may not of heard of for those of you that may be thinking of doing the same as I'm doing.

1. 500 Days Of summer- obviously, my favourite film with some of my favourite actors but you should know 'This is not a love story'
2. Ruby Sparks- a perfect indie film, beautiful lead actress, cute story. 
3. Like Crazy- again beautiful people, such a lovely film; sad in parts but ever so truthful. Watch out for Felicity Jones's outfit in the last scene. 
4. The Lucky One- Zac Efron er need I say any more? Oh yeah and there's a shower scene.
5. Friends With Benefits- even more beautiful people Mila looks as stunning as always, really good story!
6. Crazy Stupid Love- such a good story line! Ryan Gosling!!!
7. Silver Linings Playbook- Jennifer Laurence! Wasn't what I expected but its SO sweet.
8. One Day- oh my god so good, but seriously get the tissues ready! 
9. Romeo and Juliet- (the best one) with Leonardo Decaprio you know the story! 
10. 13 going on 30- I cry every time. 

And if your going to be proper soppy tomorrow like me, end your day listening to this; beautiful just beautiful.

If you watch any of the films above let me know what you thought!
 Until next time take care beautiful's! 

Dress: New Look, Tights: F&F, Clutch: Select, Necklace: Eclectic Eccentricity, Ear Cuff: H&M

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  1. Gorgeous dress and blog! :) You should check out mine too! :)
    -Alex of http://snippetswithalex.wordpress.com

  2. SO beautiful! I love everything about this! xxx


  3. Really great outfit! Love Your tights! The' re really awesome *.*

  4. Oh love your dress!!! your look is perfect for V-day!

  5. This dress looks great on you. I love your tight! and I love every single one of those films especially 13 going on 30 and silver linings playbook! great choices :)
    Tiana x

  6. Super cute look! Love your dress and your hairstyle! Beautiful <3


  7. Your beehive looks amazing, so perfect!
    Kim x
    grace & flower

  8. You look amazing Paige! :)
    greetings from Denmark
    Mikkel Weiss

  9. You look so, so amazing, I love
    your dress and your tights are so cute.
    I also really like your hair -
    I have also watched this video with Tavi Gevinson on how to do a beehive,
    but I didn't do it nearly as good as you, your beehive looks amazing. :)


  10. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award - see my blog for information and questions to answer. ruthlucie.blogspot.co.uk - Ruth xo

  11. This is so lovely! It's nice to see people like the same style as me. I just keep seeing shorts and t shirts at the moment- which is cool too- but i do love a pretty dress or skirt. Your blog is perfect! i am so happy I came across it. I have just started mine, hoping to get better and have more content. http://littlekaatie.blogspot.com

  12. The tights are perfect for the occasion and the look! I've wanted a pair like that for the longest time! xx


  13. Paige, you look so incredibly gorgeous, I love this! That dress is seriously stunning.
    (also 13 Going On 30 is one of the best films ever ♥)


  14. Beautiful outfit<3 I love that dress!

  15. Oh I just love that dress, it look absolutely beautiful on you! And your hair is just gorgeous!

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird | www.fragile-bird.blogspot.co.uk




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