More Issues Than Vogue, obviously.

Hey beauties!
 I have the worst headache writing this, my own fault really I've spent hours editing my 'Sales Haul' for you all since I finished my driving lesson at 3 o'clock. I've had to shorten it down A LOT as it was originally half an hour ( I know) I can talk a hell of a lot! Those of you that film videos know how long it can take to edit them anyway not to mention uploading so that is taking a while. Basically on the video I talk into the items i've included in this post so i wont go into much detail to them now. 

I've brought a few things recently that I've been excited to share with you all, I think the moment this T-shirt arrived I ripped the package open put it on and ran straight outside to photograph some pictures. You see this is the way you have to act when the weather changes the way it does! I just love it and from the moment I seen it the first time I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. 

Another item I love at the moment is my cropped jumper I've found myself wearing it as a go-to item in my wardrobe on days where I'm in doubt on what to wear. It's so cute and I love the style and the way it sits. 

I have been trying to get better with make-up recently too, I created a board on Pinterest for those that follow me on there called 'This year I will get better at make-up' I've always loved playing around with make-up I just don't necessarily think I'm very good at it. So just by adding one highlight to my face being just the lips or eyes is something that works for me. I actually read recently that French girls always seem to accentuate a particular area on their face and keep the rest of it quite fresh and clean. (I'm trying to be a French person you see) 
Anyway this Lipstick I picked up before Christmas for just £1 in Primark I figured if it wasn't nice or didn't suit me a pound wasn't much to lose but fortunately I think this is probably the best pink lipstick I have ever owned in personal terms it suits me well I find it quite hard to find a colour that suits me, so that's not to say it'd suit everyone but I'm pretty happy with it. 

I have also been wearing these wire headbands a lot recently I am always on a mission to bring headbands back into fashion and these are just wonderful for me and so easy to put in your hair!
Anyway as I mentioned I do have video I'm looking forward to sharing with you all, I'm hoping to pop that up by the end of the week! I'm just so busy at the moment uni has piled on so much work its unreal (expected of course) not to mention birthdays, work and everything else in between so I shall leave it at that.
As promised I am also working on a giveaway! I cant express how happy I am for reaching 400 followers, just so appreciative of you all for your support and kind words always, soppy but i love you all.

Until next time hope you all take care

TshirtYS Apparel Ebay, Skirt: River Island, Boots: H&M, Headband: Primark, Jumper: Primark, Blouse: Topshop

What's your opinion?

  1. This t-shirt is the coolest!!! bloody brilliant infact! totally know what you mean about editing videos!! my last one took a day?!!? mental! and for a 30 mins one! blimey that will take some editing can't wait to see it and your finds!

    xxx ps: headbands rule!! x

  2. Omg I've seen that t-shirt before and I reallyyyy need it! And you're cat is so adorable, I love cats <3
    Tiana x

  3. ahh i love that tee, ordered it a couple of days ago! and headbands are awesome, i have a whole cupboard full of 'em and find they're so handy on bad hair days!

  4. Love the little grey jumper, cute outfit!

  5. Literally getting myself that tee ahah! Awesome outfit, you rock those headbands too, I'm inspired xx

  6. I love this jumper... Especially those cables ( sorry, I'm a knitter ) Do you agree if I share one of your pictures on my tumblr? I'll link the photo to your post, obviously ^_^ Thank you.
    Happy week end

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Of course you can share on of my pictures on Tumblr, no worries xx

  7. This is such a stunning outfit :) xx

  8. So perfect! Hitting the nail on the head, as always!

    Charlotte - x

  9. great outfit<3
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  10. So nice and beautiful blog ! I want to invite You to mine , ! Maybe you wanna follow each other ? If yes follow me and let me know ! I will do the same as soon as it possible :*

  11. That 'more issues than vogue' top is cute!

    [new blog post up]
    LifeWithFrancesca x

  12. I really love your t-shirt and hair! You look so vintage!

    I hope you follow me on:

    Have a nice day!

  13. Just found & followed your blog. I adore your style!

  14. just found & followed your blog
    fantastic style!


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