The wind's so soft on my skin, the sun so hard upon my side.

I've finally broken up from uni hurrah! I've been waiting to welcome these few weeks with open arms for a while think the break will do me good!
I've been planning on a Christmas post for a while but for those that know me know I'm not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year I'm just not that excited for it, it has improved in the last few days though I think that's always the case that nearer the time I get a bit more excited especially when I do my favourite bit of wrapping presents I do get into the Christmas spirit! 
Buying them not so much though I did think about doing a gift guide but I'd be the last person you'd look for to suggest presents I have such a hard time finding them myself haha, this Friday just gone I actually put my mind to it and though and thought I have to actually do some Christmas shopping, so thankfully i got almost all of it done! 
As it was also #xmasjumperday Friday I needed a Christmas jumper and being so un-Christmasy it felt like a waste of time buying one I'd'd probably only wear once, a shame though as there's so many gorgeous ones out there. So I came up with the idea of DIYing I thought I'd share the finished product because I am quite proud of it! Yay!

So anyway for this post I decided to do a wishlist of most of the things I've asked for for Christmas (slightly selfish I know) put it this way I've asked for A LOT for Christmas I think maybe this is just a selection of it! I wont really go in to detail over it because its mostly self explanatory its basically things I've been lusting over for a while! 

I also thought that it would be nice to share the outfit with you I'm wearing for Christmas day (possibly) I have two outfits prepared, I know you'll probably think I'm crazy the amount of people I've spoke to that have said 'Why do you dress up on Christmas day, just lounge around in a onesie!' Well I do for a bit, but I love getting dressed up and having Christmas dinner with the family. 

Every Christmas my love of velvet comes around again so when I spotted this dress it basically had my name written all over it (not literally) but I fell in love with it; ideally I wanted a green one but red also has a very Christmas-y feel about it and I figured that at a later date I could always get a green one. 
This one is very figure hugging though so I'm not sure whether Christmas day I'll want to be wearing this haha! Maybe that onesie may come in handy! 
I was really happy with these photos too despite the freezing cold weather outside I think in winter time especially you can get times in the day when the sun sits nicely in the background. 

Anyway you'll have no idea how long its took to write this! I cant seem to get in the right frame of mind for anything, I have a essay to write over this holiday amongst a lot of other uni work which at the moment I'm trying really hard not to think about, I can guarantee I'll leave it to the last week and then have major panic.
Anyway I'd better leave it at that I've got a busy few days ahead which involves more Christmas shopping with my dad, meeting friends for a drink, work and I'll finally get to see my sister next week in what has been ageeesss!! God i miss her a hell of a lot.
So as this is the last post before Christmas and maybe even possibly the new year? I'm not sure yet, I shall say thank you for sticking with me for another year on my blog it does mean the world and I hope wherever you all are you have a wonderful Christmas and get everything you ask for. 
I am planning a post where I'll include my new years resolutions because I'm quite sad like that I've already been mentally planning them in my head haha!
Until next time take care you beautiful lot.

Dress: Primark, Headpiece: Handmade,  Rings: H&M

What's your opinion?

  1. You look stunning <3

    I can't believe you made that headband!

  2. Hope you have an amazing Christmas lovely! I adored reading this post, your wishlist is awesome (love the inclusion of that Foals t-shirt) and you look just stunning in this outfit post, that dress is so incredibly flattering on you and the flower crown is to die for!

  3. I love your dress! you look great!
    - Charlotte

  4. Lovely outfit! I've been wanting something in velvet all season, and you wear it fabulously!

  5. ah, your velvet dress is the cutest and so is your head piece! i am also wanting It, i need to read it!

    lindsey louise

  6. So charming *_*

    Wish you a Magical Holidays, my dear <3


  7. holy eff, i need that dress it's perfect. you're perfect.

  8. wowww!!!! your looks are really stunning!

    you have perfect style <33

    you are welcome to my BLOG


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