Clothes Show 2013!

I'm absolutely exhausted just the thought of uni tomorrow is making me feel utterly drained so I probably should be getting some sleep soon, I literally feel like recently I'm just running on being tired constantly like I have no energy?!

 But as always my blog is my saviour and I've been looking forward to sharing this post with you! As you will know (if your a regular reader) I visit Clothes Show every year (its become quite the tradition) and this year was no exception. As much as the shopping excites me I always look forward to the show that is put on especially when Henry Holland is there because I love him so much and this year I also made sure I took a visit to the BINTM stage to see the winners and finalists from this series so mainly to see Sarah who I was backing all through the series and in person she's even more of a beauty! Lauren who won it also passed me when I was walking round and my god she is tall and absolutely stunning (cry)

So yeah here's some pictures I snapped throughout the show, I also recorded some videos, I was thinking about maybe putting into like an montage on putting it onto my YouTube channel, if any of you would be interested?

And that is all from me, thought I'd add in a few of my purchases at the end because what's clothes show without buying clothes?! I finally got a fur coat after 3 years!! And its perfect and definitely what I've been waiting for! I also finally got a pair of cut out boots which are just ugh so perfect as well I want to put them in a frame and just stare at them. Along with a beautiful vintage scarf and wire headband I also got the usual magazines and goody bags! Very successful trip I'd say.

And lastly I went to see Crystal Fighters last weekend and oh my god it was quite possibly one of the best nights of my life! If you've never seen them live, do! I very much think that you haven't lived till you've experienced one of their shows, it was so overwhelming and the atmosphere was just indescribable! If you follow me on Instagram (paiigebaybee) go check the videos and pictures if you haven't already seen them! 

Oh and one more thing I'm 5 away from 400 followers! So a giveaway is in the pipeline! Stay tuned guys and gals. 
And in the meantime take care! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Wow! Looks like a great event! I'm sure your followers would love to watch the videos you recorded from the event. :)

    Happy Holidays from the Philippines! ★

    I have a small, local giveaway. You might wanna take a look. :)

  2. Looks like you had a great day! I love the Clothes Show! x

  3. Amazing show and great pics! I'm longing for a faux fur jacket :))



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