Golden Veins

I've had a lovely weekend; for a start I've had a lie in, in what seems like ages (hungover one of the days mind) but its been nice to just spend the weekend relaxing.
 I think you need it every once in a while especially as being at university its quite long days and I'm really trying to push myself with my driving at the minute too. I've been doing tests in preparation for my theory test which I still haven't booked (don't think I'm ever going to pass it) but to top my weekend off I'm snuggled up in bed in my onesie, surrounded by candles, drinking tea and eating chocolate pancakes whilst writing this post, perfect.

So earlier this week I took some photos with my friend, because the weathers starting to get quite cold now and the darker nights have drawn in oversized jumpers, scarves and hats have all made an appearance. And i couldn't wait to take some photos against the autumnal background.
I recently spoke about my purchases at Primark in my Video Haul and as I said I would show some outfits from them so these are the flock leggings and jumper I utterly adore.

I touched on this in the video but I'll say this again, I'm not much of a legging person so I have to admit I was quite self concious to wear these, if you follow me on twitter you'll know I was panicking (mostly about showing my bum) but I will give you this they are SO comfortable and the pattern on them is just beautiful. 
I paired it with my oversized jumper because goes perfectly being a very cosy and comfortable outfit. I have to admit its quite busy for me and more colourful than I usually go for but for this season I think it works.

So that's all from me, I have to say a big thank you to my friend for taking the photos and on occasion being my make-up artist (he's either going to kill me or thank me for including him) but as I said in my last post he is currently in the process of putting together his own fashion blog so I'm hoping it'll be the latter and he'll thank me for putting him out there.
I have a couple of posts still planned which is surprising as I'm right on top of the ball for my blog and not so much for other stuff, oops.
Again I wanted to leave you with a song I've had on repeat for days I am OBSESSED with it.

Take care my lovelies

Coat. Leggings, Bag, Jumper: All Primark, Boots: New Look, Shirt: Topshop

What's your opinion?

  1. Lovely outfit! I love the leggings, it's definitely quite a difference from wearing jeans~

  2. I love the subtle detail on the leggings, it's gorgeous and looks so amazing with the jumper and coat! You're beautiful! <3

  3. This is such a cute Autumn outfit, you look adorable. Love the coat and jumper! :) And omg I totally recognise that background!

  4. Such a beautiful sweater. Your blog is the cutest!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. Adorable outfit- love that jacket too! Alex

  6. Perfect, as always! I have some serious hair envy. Tempted to fringe and ombre, arrrgh!

    Charlotte - x

  7. Your hair looks stunning love the outfit :) xxx

  8. Lovely pictures and a great outfit! Nice colors! :)

  9. Wow you look stunning babe, love your hair :) xx

  10. I loved your blog
    I'm following
    and added to the favorites

  11. Love that coat and you have gorgeous hair

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


  12. I love cable knit jumpers and you've styled your's beautifully with the little collar peeking out and the lovely leggings.

  13. lovely outfit sweety!! gorgeous ;) would u like to follow each other???
    let me know
    if you want come to see my new “vintage” post n my blog..:

  14. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  15. wHAOU !!! this outfit is so cute and seems so comfy !

  16. Whaou! This outfit is really beautiful and seems so comfy!!


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