My week and recent updates.

Today's been quite a strange day and for that reason I had to blog about it, not strange in a bad way but strange in the way that I actually feel like a adult.
This afternoon I had a job interview, my very first job interview which was so scary not even mentioning the fact it was a group one but it was like another step into the big wide world.
My first being University which for those of you wondering I'm having a really good time there, not speaking too soon as I'm only 2 weeks in but I am enjoying it far more than I thought I would...even though just before I decided to write this I have been staring at a piece of paper with my brief on and still not understanding exactly what the next part of my project is..

But anyway I wanted to do a post mostly about what I've been up to recently really and just bits about this and that. I haven't had the chance to take any outfit posts as I just haven't had the time but I'm desperate to do so soon! I have a few outfit in my head I want to style.

So to start this post off I unfortunately wont be one of the bloggers talking about how amazing London Fashion Week has been and what I've been wearing to the events as quite obviously I haven't been there. I am one of the many people watching the shows from home (when I can) and catching up with all the goings on online and on instagram. 
I hope that one day I could go not to mention the fact its in my favourite place in the world but also to indulge myself in everything fashion wise. So I've just picked out a few collections below that I've just utterly fell in love with to share with you all.

My favourite is quite obviously the House Of Holland collection because I am utterly in love with Henry and all his work! 

So anyway other than drooling over fashion week, I have spent my time drooling over other fashion related items (im joking.. a bit) Really as exciting as it's been i've read a lot of fashion magazines I love the library at my uni which basically backdates every magazine including all the Vogues from the 60's which to some people is massively sad but to me oh so good. 
I've rearranged my room and other than that lots of uni work. And the last picture? Lots of that even though it is a terrible picture... 

And for those that follow me on Instagram you've probably seen most of this, and if you dont follow me on Instagram why not (Im joking) no but seriously why not?

So that's all from me then, freshers starts this weekend which im SO excited about! Not sure how I'm going to cope by the end of the week with the added work as well. But you shall find me in the exact same position as the last photo... talking of which I am off to do so now. zzzzz

Take care all you beautiful people 

What's your opinion?

  1. Good luck with getting the job~ Interviews are always a nervous process, I've never had a group one... but hopefully it went well!
    Have TONS of fun at 'freshers' (I'm assuming it's like FROSH week over here in North America) and make sure to have loads of fun because it is one of the best times of your life, seriously! Be carefree whilst you can!

  2. Adore Ryan Lo Collection ^_____^

    Happy Monday,


  3. Have a lovely freshers lady! Love your picks from LFW and I think the Temperley collection is my favourite. Also that's so amazing to have magazines all the way from the sixties - sounds like the uni library has an impressive collection. Jealous! :) XX

  4. <3 Temperley!

    Also love your blog design, so cute!

    S xx
    Friday is Forever Blog

  5. Trust me you've been more involved in Fashion Week than I have, despite the fact that some of the shows were actually held at my uni! I've been so preoccupied with my course that I've totally missed out on LFW, shame my course had to start so early.
    Hope you have fun xxxx


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