My Lust List.

I don't think I've done one of these posts for ages! If ever? But recently I've been doing a lot of blog and magazine reading not to mention blog chats and regular visits to Pinterest. And I've developed quite the wishlist of clothes and jewellery for now and especially for Autumn usually I hate thinking about the cold weather and dark nights but I'm really excited to start dressing for it. 
Come to think of it I do every year then about half way through the month I start moaning about it...
Right so I'm going to start with these on my wishlist, as I haven't stopped banging on about them. I didn't even know they were going to be a trend for Autumn I spotted them in a shop a couple of weeks ago and just said I'm going to have a pair of those and they're going to stay on my feet all Autumn and possibly Winter. Quite obviously though that's the reason they're in the shops because they are going to be MASSIVE and rightly so!

Im not sure either but I've been obsessed with leather pencil skirts, i have a leather skirt already but i've came to the point now where i feel like i need a pencil skirt. Being on Pinterest i lot i spotted a few photos of girls/bloggers pairing them with t shirts which i am absolutely in love with i think it just gives it that whole rock chic look. It also fits quite nicely into the sports luxe trend I'd say and as you know I've taken quite nicely to that one.

Not to mention the gold necklaces that are styled with the t shirts and leather skirts I'm not sure where this look came from and its everywhere! If anyone knows why I'd love to know? I'm probably really late with the trend too but I'm defiantly going to purchasing all 3 items a gold chain, t shirt and leather skirt.

Right so again im not sure why i've became quite so obbsessed with this one but i think its because recently on a chat i answered a question on 'If I could choose any item of clothing to take through to the autumn which would it be'?
 Now I thought hard about this one and more recently I have adapted to the maxi skirt trend as I've never really liked but I recently picked up one which is one of those that has short underskirt and the rest of the skirt is a sheer material much like the one below. I picked up a black one the other day and I'm still crying as to why I didn't buy it. 
The boots with the skirt quite obviously make that transition to autumn in a style i love as its quite grungy.

So summers not quite over yet, believe it or not and I'm lusting over a new piece of swim wear, I haven't been on holiday in ages and I've never been abroad but at my sisters house they have a massive swimming pool and really I think that's a enough a reason for a new piece.
I've been loving the high waisted ones especially for me as it would go well with my body shape and of course We Are Handsome have some gorgeous pieces, above my price range mind but gorgeous all the same, I've been loving the animal print ones for ages!

And last but not least Glossy Backpacks are making a comeback this autumn and they are going to be a big trend. I've just picked one up I cant wait to show you all!

(all pictures found from Pinterest & Polyvore)

And just to finish the post off as I'm in a 'I want' mood I thought I'd finish with some things I want to achieve/do in the near future.
1. Move to London- Whether this be for University or for myself I will make it happen.
2. Go abroad- as I mentioned I've never been and this is probably a good thing as I would want to come back.
3. Learn to drive- I'm working on this and my lessons are going well, I cant wait to get more freedom.
3. Complete my Foundation Degree- those wondering I still don't know where I'm going, don't worry I have my places as both but i just need to decide what's best for me.
4. Go to a festival- Simple as that.

Hope you enjoyed this post it was a kind of spare of the moment thing and I realised I don't do many posts like this any more. In the meantime I'm on Pinterest as I mentioned and I have a wishlist on there if you want to follow and keep updated with what I'm lusting after you can just click the badge below.
Also if you do the model Ollie Loudon on my Wishlist is supposed to be there this isn't a mistake, who wouldn't want him on their wishlist?
Anyway let me know what your lusting after, will you be taking on one of these trends?

Until next time my sweets, take care!

What's your opinion?

  1. Oh my gosh that Panda bodysuit is amazing... so cute!!! <3 xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. GREAT post,
    I love how much effort you've put itno it.
    Cute out boots are just SOO gorgous I really want some, new look have a few to!

    Kelly ||

  3. I LOVE this post! So much gorgeous stuff. I love the first maxi skirt so much. Love the backpacks too. I bought one from Topshop recently, feel a bit too old to rock it but whatever, it was just too cute to resist. I'm liking the leather skirt trend as well. I like the list of things you want to achieve, I hope you manage to get through your list! :)

  4. I have been wanting that green backpack in pink for the longest time! So cute! xx

  5. such a great post!
    i also am wanting it all

  6. AHHH I need a pair of cut out boots in my life! xx

  7. I love the skirts!

    Visit me at

  8. nice picks!
    the cutout boots look so damn cool!
    and the skirts are just amazing!
    Following you, hope you ca follow back ;)

    Wulan Wu on

  9. I had the perfect leather pencil skirt and then I RUINED IT by putting it in the washing machine! Why am I such a fool?!

  10. I really want a pair of black cut out boots! Really nice picks xx

  11. Loving those boots, Celine tee, backpacks... Basically, great minds think alike. xx

  12. I love the celine Tee!
    would you like to follow eachother?

  13. I really loved this post! Think it is always so interesting to see what other people are drawn to and it's different to an outfit post as you can lust after everything haha! I love the bunting necklace at the very top, so want one myself. Nice to hear about some of your life goals also XX

  14. Adore cut out ankle boots. I have one pair and constantly have to stop myself from purchasing another :)

  15. Haha I didn't realize I wanted these articles of clothing either until you mentioned them! Can't wait to wear fall clothing too.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  16. What a nice wish list, I love how the t-shirts look with leather skirts, and that Celine tee is adorable! Also love those cute backpacks, very nice! :)


  17. i love the whole white tee, leather skirt look! im gutted that i brought the H&M leather skirt because it has silver zips on which means i can't wear it with a big chunky gold necklace like here! xxx

  18. This is a great list. I want most of it too! I have a leather look skirt and am obsessed.
    Adela x

  19. amazing post! i was going to do one on cut out boots!! hehe! Aw i love those bags.. so much eye candy! :-)


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