I've been really excited to do this post because not only is it my first 'out of the garden shoot' but it was also at my sisters house to which I managed to get my sister on the blog too which I'm very pleased about because I don't think she's been featured in person on here before. Also Dyson her dog obviously being an animal had to be involved in the pictures! 
So anyway, I spent the weekend at her's for my Nieces Birthday this weekend just gone, which entailed a trip to the Zoo on Saturday and a Pirate party on Sunday. My niece looked ridiculously cute wearing her outfit Sunday, not to mention the fact she was spoilt rotten and rightly so! 
Because my sister does live quite far away I miss her terribly so it's lovely to get away for a while to spend time with her so it was really fun to take these, I remember her taking some for me a while back and even then we had a laugh shooting them.

I feel like where these were took was the perfect location for this outfit, my sisters house has beautiful surroundings. I often plan where I want to take my photos when I put together an outfit and a lot of the time it doesn't go to plan. This skirt though from the moment I brought it was a big deal. It looks and feels almost like something you'd wear to get married in. I've lusted after these this type of skirt for a while and the moment I saw this one in 
 I fell in love, not to mention the fact its original price was £40 and it had been reduced to £10!! I mean resisting it wouldn't of been possible!  

My sister has the cutest swing under the tree which is something I've wanted in my garden since forever! Anyway along with this outfit I though this would be chance to show you all another item I purchased off my wishlist being my bunting necklace, it has this very fairytale and childlike feel to it which is why I was drawn to one initially plus the fact I adore bunting and if I had my way I have it hanging up anywhere and everywhere.

And here's the photographer behind the photos, my beautiful sister herself who lets all take a moment to all say how gorgeous her hair colour is right now!?

Floral crown: Primark, Vest: H&M, Skirt: Miss Selfridge, Necklace: New Look, Shoes: Topshop

Sorry for being very photo heavy but its not very often I get to shoot in a different location, so I hope you all liked a bit of a change! Also ignore my hair bands around my arm after these photos i went for a swim in the pool.

I start back at uni in less than 2 weeks! To say I'm scared would be an understatement I am absolutely petrified but I've started work on holiday project (yes I leave everything to last minute) and you could say it has sparked the tiniest bit of excitement in me. I think once I get over the initial first few days, I should be fine fingers crossed! 
Anyway that's all from me, I should be in bed I have a driving lesson in the morning! 
I'll leave you with a picture I took when I was leaving at the weekend of the sunset which tied things up nicely I have to say. And until next time take care! 

What's your opinion?

  1. That field definitely complements that dress! The skirt is also super cute~
    Loved all your photos and you make me wish I had a sister!

  2. This post is so beautiful, and that skirt suits you so well. How perfect is that swing!? Alex

  3. Beautiful look (and photos too), I really love the simple necklace!

  4. Aww this is such a lovely post. Firstly, I am actually in love with your skirt, it's sooo gorgeous. I cannot believe how much you paid for it! I'm so jealous. You look absolutely gorgeous and the outfit is soooo pretty. You and your sister are so cute. It's nice you got to spend some time with her (and have fun at your niece's birthday party! :D) She definitely lives in a place with lovely surroundings, ideal for outfit pics! Good luck with the uni preparation!

  5. Oh my gosh it's stunning! & what a bargain :D

    Cat xx
    One hand in my pocket

  6. Love these! What a great space to shoot in


  7. First time visitor to your blog, you have such a lovely dreamy style! This dress is gorgeous on you and I love the rainbow in your last picture.

  8. Beautiful as always. Gosh, Paige, you have the best style ever.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  9. you look like a goddess and a nymph! so pretty! :DD


  10. You look amazing ! Love your skirt !

    Lot of love from France :)

  11. Wow the skirt is amazing! So dreamy and magical! That's an awesome garden, every garden needs a swing like that. Good luck with the uni course, mine starts in three days :3 Eeek!

  12. Love these pictures, so whimsical! x

  13. That dress is so beautiful, Miss Selfridge always have great offers on in the sale! :) xx


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