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I intended on this post being slightly earlier but I haven't had much time to sit down and write it. 
I spent the weekend at my sisters spending time with her, my dad, brother in law and niece. I swam at sunset and in the sunshine in the afternoon, had a BBQ, roasted marshmallows, played on the swing and trampoline Just a reminder that I am 18 not 8..

Anyway earlier this week I went to the Vintage Set Fest at the Custard Factory in Birmingham (in other words one of my favourite places ever) I have to admit I was ridiculously nervous about attending this as it was to be my first ever bloggers meet up so really I wasn't too sure what to expect but it sounded like a very exciting event to attend and I wasn't wrong.

For the event I wore a purple lace dress and cat shoes. I topped it off with a floral crown that I whipped together in 20 minutes before I came out, I know skills right.

Throughout the night we were treated to a live band, a 30 minute style challenge, Industry Q&A, bbq, lucky dip and lots of prizes on offer to be won.
By this point I plucked up the courage to go and speak to some bloggers I told myself that if I didn't I'd regret it and possibly spend the night talking to clothes rails hoping they'd speak back... I'm exaggerating a bit but when it comes to stuff like this I'm the least confident person to go and approach people.
In conclusion I did though or had people approach me. 
In order I met the all beautiful Holly from i2style, Katy from Little Winter, Stephanie from Stephanie Dreams and Laura. 
All of which I was chuffed to of met along with some other lovely girls (not photographed)

Photo Courtesy of

I walked away with an amazing goody-bag full of stuff and adamant I wasn't going to leave without buying anything I picked up a necklace from The Vintage Set which is a beautiful feather I cant wait to style it with an outfit.
Anway for now that is all from me I'm quite looking forward to reading back on these events that have happened and think god I remember that, I was so nervous seriously what was I worrying about?! 
I'm also working on a scrapbook at the minute that kind of holds all my memories I think it'll be something nice to put together over the summer.
I also have vlog prepared so hands up who wants that to be uploaded soon? 
Until next time take care you gorgeous lot!

What's your opinion?

  1. How fun! Alex

  2. This vintage set fest look nice!


  3. Wow...This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.

  4. this event looks awesome, that is some goodie bag! good choice of necklace, i love soem feather details.

  5. So so so jealous babe, looks like you had an amazing time! xx

  6. oh looks like it was a really great event! and the little goodie bag looks great too! look forward to seeing the vlog!!

    Sophie |

  7. Really interesting fest! :)
    Love the jewerly! <3

    . . .
    Dreamer Clara^^

  8. So jel looks like the perfect event :-) amazing pic glad you enjoyed next yr I must go xx

  9. I swear I just commented stupid fone the pics look amazing so jel it looks like the perfect event glad toy enjoyed!!

  10. This looks like such an amazing event! I really need to find some blogger friendly events in my area. Love the floral crown! Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

  11. Paige you look lovely!! What a wonderful event and also what a landmark for your first blog event! :) XXXX

  12. What a lovely Location! Everything is arranged so lovingly :) Must have been a great Event! I follow you now sweetie and wait for you on my blog!

    Love, Kyra

  13. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! It is indeed Bombay Bicycle Club, looking back it's a slightly strange name for a fashion blog but oh well! Looks like you had a lovely lovely time at VintSetFest, I'm so gutted I couldn't go, it clashed with my holiday (can't complain...) All your photos are wonderful :) xxx

  14. This sounded like an awesome event! I've met Steph several times and she's a total babe. Glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

    Tara xo

  15. Love the shot of all the sunglasses lined up! So cute!

    Xo, Hannah


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