Go down to the sea and tell me what it is that you wanna be.

Im so tired! That thunder and Lightening last night was a nightmare!
Right so things are pretty busy in my bloggy world at the moment which is really all quite exciting! I'll start off by telling you that Wednesday I'm attending The Vintage Set Fest which I'm massively excited about! And ridiculously nervous for! I promised myself that I'd attend a bloggers meet up at some point in my life little did I think it'd be so soon! I missed out on all the hype over it on Twitter and when I discovered it was not far away from me at all (in one of my favourite places ever) I was so disappointed I hadn't acquire a wristband so I entered a competition on whim to win one and well I only went and won it didn't I?
This of course brings good and bad news the bad news being 'okay what the hell do I wear?!' 

Anyway yesterday i spent to day taking some photos of my outfits for future posts and finally getting round to filming, ahem Take 73765858 for my Vlog. But the good news is it IS on its way too you all which is something im actually really nervous about! 
On to this outfit though I actually envisioned on a beautiful sandy beach staring at the waves, feet in the sand, wind through my hair *clicks* and back in the room. I though, settled for my back garden which strangely at times brought about a warm breeze which almost gave me a feel for the beach, almost.
P.s my hair is really messy because I'd been sunbathing before the pictures...

So what I'm wearing is a Bralet which as you all know I've wanted one for a while. I came across this in the sale on (you can still buy it click below)
and I instantly had to have it I was looking for a light colour what with it being summer and everything and this I just fell in love with; especially with the patterns on it. What surprised me also was how fast it arrived I ordered it one day and the next it was here! I expressed my love for them several times and after taking these photos I basically pushed all my other drafted posts out the way for this.
Plus I'm so so sorry for featuring my wedges for the 647589 time I wear them WAY too much in the summer!

This bag i also received from my lovely Nan for my birthday (I actually asked for it) but it ties in so nicely with this outfit and reminds me off the beach again for some reason.

Just to finish off the post I've been doing lots of drinking in this heat and below is a slush i made with 'Sourz' apple and a beautiful smoothie from strawberry and Banana mmm! 

And that my dears is all i have for you, I'm just thanking my lucky stars i took these photos and the ones i took yesterday when I did because of the dramatic change in weather boo! :-(
Oh and one last thing I'm working on doing music posts within in this blog, or maybe setting up a new one I'm  not sure yet but that's something else to look forward to!
And the Duchess gave birth to a baby boy aww horray!
Anyway take care! 

What's your opinion?

  1. You look amazing! Love your hair like this :)


  2. Gorgeous outfit, really love the crop top's print ^.^ The weather was crazy last night! I can't count the amount of times I woke up, haha!

    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^

  3. Amazing :)
    hugs :)


  4. Love your skirt and bag and hair and everything :)


  5. Lovely lovely you! Great Inspiration! Girly, flowery and romantic ♡Kyra

  6. aw you look so lovely! love the bustier and your hairstyle :)

    http://hystericalhearts.blogspot.com xxx

  7. you look amazing! this outfit looks so beautiful and effortless love it. great photos too!

  8. such a beautiful look!!! love love love your crop top :)


  9. Such a lovely post. I got your link through the fblchat on Twitter :)That bralet is so pretty, I'll have to check out Oh My Love for sure. Let us know when you upload a music post/blog I love reading them :)


  10. You are so beautiful and you have such an amazing figure!

    Beautiful blog - following.



  11. Super cute outfit! I am loving white skirts and dresses on these hot days! x

  12. Love the bralet, it's so pretty! And really like you hair like this too :) xx

  13. Hope you had an amazing time at the meetup! I'm so excited to go to one soon.

    Love this outfit babe, it looks fab on you. :D xx

  14. Paige you look gorgeous!! Hope you had a good time and can't wait to read the post. Your hair looks lovely here :) Laila XXX

  15. Nice outfit. I like your hair and the top. :)

    Feel free to enter the giveaway on my blog -


  16. that top is adorable! looking cute! enjoy your weekend!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  17. I love your bralet, it's perfect for summer! xx


  18. what a lovely outfit! your so skinny too!!

    I was invited to that event but it was too far for me :( hope you had fun :)


  19. Super cute outfit, Paige! I love your top, adorable! Have a great time at the event, sounds like youll have so much fun! :)


  20. That bralet is so pretty! I love it with your white skirt, you do look very summery and beachy :) xx


  21. You have a wonderful figure and I love the outfit!

  22. The outfit is so summer fresh. Love the hairstyle. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  23. What a lovely, fresh outfit for the summer! The pattern on the top is just gorgeous. I wish I had had your figure at 18...maybe if I'd been stretched tall... :) Lovely blog, especially the bunting along the top!


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