Guess what?! I AM FINALLY 18!! (I turned it on Sunday)
 The world's letting me loose as an adult! So really as this is a big milestone in my life obviously I had to share it with my blog. I seen someone do a birthday post the other day and in a way I thought it'd be nice to look back on it in a couple of years. 
I've just arrived back from my driving lesson so, I'm sitting in the garden with the summer songs on Spotify, bliss.

I didn't really do much for my Birthday as I'm doing something at a later date. Also I have Vampire Weekend booked for November which I'm massively excited about (I've waited years to see them/Ezra)

Sunday did mean though that I had a chance to wear a party frock. This one I had been saving to wear ever since I brought it and with the weather being an absolute beaut for a change this year what better day to wear it on!? 

I've also been a massive fan of backless dresses for a while which initially drawn me to this. Word on the street too is backless dresses are the neck plunges! Which is something I defiantly agree with, for some shapes it can be so flattering! 

This is also my cheeky Flower Garland purchase at Godiva 2 weeks ago. When I brought it I didn't plan it with this outfit but it goes so well, so many colours in one outfit which for me is quite rare.

And as my birthday came around this is also brought the arrival of the much awaited Ju Ju jellies! Yayy! 
And I cant tell you how much I love them! Its true love it really is.

The end of the day brought about possibly the cutest cake ever then the rest we should probably not really discuss (I got tipsy to say the least)

Until next time take care! I already have another post ready! (how organized am I?) I'm now off to go DIY a pair of jeans for a future outfit post, look forward to that! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Congradulations on turning 18! I didn't know we are the same age :D
    p.s. you look amazing!

  2. Happy birthday! I love the dress! x

  3. happy birthday looked like a fun day! love your dress and headband :)

  4. pretty as always and Happy Birthday dear :)

  5. Congratulations~ and Happy Belated Birthday! That's the most adorable cake I have ever seen. :3

  6. You are beautiful, you're style is completely gorgeous and I sooo want you to style me! There isn't anything I don't like about your outfit and your makeup is perfect.

  7. You are beautiful, you're style is completely gorgeous and I sooo want you to style me! There isn't anything I don't like about your outfit and your makeup is perfect.

  8. Happy Late Birthday!!! I LOVE your jellies, and I AM TOTALLY GOING TO SEE VAMPIRE WEEKEND, TOO! They're coming to my town in September! So, so weird. Small world, man. I hope your celebrations were/are fantastic! <3 xoxo

  9. This is such a gorgeous dress! ^.^ I love back detailling too, it's so flattering :) Hope you had a wonderful day - your cake looks very cute ^.^

    flawedfairytale fashion blog ^.^

  10. happy bday! what a beautiful outfit, love it! I really like your blog by the way, followed you on bloglovin, maybe follow me back?
    kisses and have a nice day,

  11. Happy happy birthday lovely!!! You look so cheerful and happy in these photos with so many colours. Love love LOVE the flower crown with that dress and how adorable is that cake! Glad you had a such a good day :) XXXX

  12. Happy Late Birthday! You looked amazing, and i specially love the cake hehe :)

    Check out my blog :)

  13. Happy birthday! You look gorgeous, that dress is stunning, your flower crown is magical and your hair looks so pretty! That cake is so cute, love the ladybug! Sounds like you had a great day! :)


  14. Happy Birthday Paige! Much love, health and happiness! Love you :) xx
    . . .
    Dreamer Clara^^

  15. Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a great day :) Love your dress and floral crown, you look so pretty, and that cake is so cute :) xx

  16. I LOVE this post:) your blog makes me happy.

    Check out my blog with cute Swedish decor etc:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

  17. Beautiful! In love with your outfit xxx

  18. Hope you had a lovely birthday! I really love your blog, following :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  19. stunning, you and your hair and flowers! :-) #love


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