The Vintage Fair & Updates

Its been quite hard to write this post if I'm honest I hate to always start posts like this but I have generally been under so much pressure which is why I haven't posted in a while last week I had an exam and I've literally been living Photography sorting my exhibition out this week will be the same too not too mention this time I have a Maths exam which I can never see me passing but hey I shall live I just cant wait till Friday when Six-form work will be officially finished for good, thank god! 

Anyway last weekend as you know I went to The Vintage Fair at the Custard Factory in Birmingham and let me just say this I think I may of died and gone to heaven. Why did no one tell me how amazing and beautiful it is? I could of spent A LOT of money but I was very good and walked away with two lovely pieces that have been on my wishlist for a while. 

I think its official I just want to move down this road and live I mean look at the bikes how cute!? 

Anyway I brought a Pair of shorts from Bottle Green Vintage which just the minute I laid eyes on them I had to have them. I brought a pair of shorts a few months ago for a gig and I've always had the trouble of them not fitting as nice as I would like I mean they do look nice but I've never had a pair I feel really comfortable in. People have always told me vintage shorts are the best because they fit so well and now I know. These are the best pair of shorts I have ever owned because they're high waisted too they are so flattering and they just fit perfectly! I couldn't wait to style them up I apologize for being quite photo heavy!

Also so sorry for my pasty white legs and I probably should of fiddled around with my camera to get the right lighting as my blouse didn't show up well, sorry! 

I also picked up these gorgeous sunglasses Minimum Mouse I have wanted a pair of cat eye sunglasses for ages and when I knew I was going to The Vintage Fair I knew I'd find a pair and to my luck i did! I'm so glad they look nice too (not to be big headed or anything) but I was worried they wouldn't suit my face shape.

Anyway sweets that's all from me I really should be getting to bed busy week a head of me! I shall see you on the other side happy as can be (I HOPE) 

What's your opinion?

  1. I have a pair of vintage levi shorts and they fit so much better than shorts from the shops as they are nipped in at the waist but leave enough room for my thighs! I feel like shorts from topshop are always too big on my waist or too tight on my hips! The sunglasses are really cute too!


  2. Love your 90s look :) casual yet classy. The sunnies looks great on you :)


  3. This looks amazing! Really want to go to a vintage fair like this. You picked up two lovely pieces, especially those sunglasses, they are amazing!

  4. If only we had vintage fairs like that in my area! Sigh... well on a happy note I love those shorts! So darling <3 Alex

  5. Gorgeous hun, I wish I lived closer so I could go :( x

  6. OMG! I love your pin-up style!

  7. Your bangs are everything.

    xo from NY

  8. A vintage fair? I would have died and gone to heaven too! That has to be the best thing that has ever happened! If I went there, I would not have been able to do what you did...I would have bought everything!
    LOVE the outfit! It's so retro and you look perfect! Always a style inspiration, dearie:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  9. You look amazing! And i really liked your blog, im your new follower ;)
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  11. Beautiful look, I love the denim.

  12. Great post, love your sunnies! Great outfit!

  13. those shorts are to die for! Actually, the whole outfit is awesome. and the vintage fair looks like tons of fun xx

    a thousand million words 

  14. Love this outfit, so simple but so nice!

  15. absolutely love this outfit, looks so simple and put together. also really want to go to this !


  16. I love places like this one:)+lovely outfit!


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