Tiger Blood

Do you ever wish you could go to bed and sleep for like a month? I sure do, this time of year is always deadlines, exams, work, work, work it honestly feels never ending!
 Oh and me being me had to go and throw in a few gigs in-between to keep me going which has resulted in me today being BEYOND tired! No regrets though last night I went to see the lovely Dog Is Dead + To Kill A King and Sunday Peace + Jaws which were both amazing (if you haven't heard either go check them out NOW!) Anyway I had such a good time! But now as I said it's back to the norm and to add to the pressure I'm STILL trying to get into uni this time though on a foundation course, so wish me luck! 

I couldn't neglect my blog though I honestly needed something to make me feel a little saner so i took these photos a few days ago to do a blog post now. 
So I treated myself to this dress a few weeks ago after being indecisive about getting the cat one of Romwe (I'm sure you'll know the one) or this one well of course I decided on this made sense having a H&M gift card that needed using and was a little bit cheaper, not going to lie though I'm still tempted to get the other as well (this though isn't a good idea those of you that seen my tweet the other day my wardrobe will no longer close oops) 

I think you can tell from posts i may of developed a little bit of an obsession with floral crowns too...

Anyway just a short post but that's all from me for now as i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow (photography exam) 
but take care you lovelies! 
And dont forget my giveaway! (You have till the end of the month, good luck)

Oh and before i go I've met some lovely lovely people over the last couple of days (you know who you are)

What's your opinion?

  1. I LOVE anything cat or tiger related so this is perfect. I adore the flower crown and you have the prettiest colour hair.

  2. That is the cutest dress I've seen in a while! LOVE the tiger on it!

    Come by soon

  3. ah, your dress is so amazing! i love the flower crown you paired with it!

    lindsey louise


  4. Your hair is just stunning! I wish I could get mine like that :( xxx


  5. like your style, and your blog inspire me :)


  6. Love the flowers on your head.
    Makes you even sweeter and gorgeous!

    crunchy cheese me

  7. Lovely flower crown!
    Come visit my blog, if you follow I follow right back (:


  8. I love your dress, and the flower crown looks really pretty on you!

  9. no problem! :) thank you too ;)!

  10. What are you wanting to study at uni?

    That dress looks lovely on you! Hope your exam went well!

    Corinne x

  11. Paige, you look great! Like your dress and the headband is gorgeous as well :)

  12. loving your flower crown. its gorgeous


  13. Pretty look !


  14. I actually have a super similar dress and I also tend to style it with a flower crown.
    I'll have to post it on my blog soon & send you a link!



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