Such a animal.

 So unfortunately I didn't make it onto the short-list for Company's Style Blogger awards I cant say I'm not bothered because that would be a lie of course I'm disappointed but I never started this blog for any sort of recognition or awards I started it simply because of how much I love fashion and for myself as selfish as that sounds and everyday I log into blogger and read or my readers comments I just smile because they make me so extremely happy and that is good enough for me.
For those that did make it onto the list though I am so pleased for! Including the lovely blog Little Winter, visit and vote!
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 Without putting a proper downer on everything though lately it feels as though a big black cloud is following me around I'm not going to lie.
 I just think there comes a time in life where things don't always go your way and you realise that for the things you really want you have to work at. 
And things just seem worse than they are because of the added stress of deadlines and exams coming up but surprisingly I am keeping participially positive which is hard to believe.
Summers on its way though which makes me extremely happy there's something about the sun that when it comes out it just puts everyone in a good mood I am defiantly one of those examples being a summer baby of course and to make it even better Empire of the sun are back and as far as I'm concerned that spells the start of summer.

Anyway this outfit was put together surprisingly fast; I came up with the combination before I went to my sisters to stop and I had to think of a few outfits for whilst I was down there. Amazing the decisions you come up with under pressure and in a short amount of time! 
This skirt I brought from Urban Outfitters the moment I seen it I fell in love having quite a soft spot for paisley print but when I got it home I couldn't find anything to go with it until I brought this cat t-shirt and voilĂ !

Misty of course declared he needed to be included 

Anddd.. some exciting news I've decided that when I reach 300 followers I'm going to do another giveaway so just 6 more people! And I'm confident you'll all like this one! (fingers crossed)  

Until next time take care you lovely lot! 
p.s thank you for your sweet comments on my room on the last post! 

What's your opinion?

  1. Totally in love with that cat top! Too cute! You look lovely :)

  2. Lovely babe, Love the shoes and the way you wear it! You hair color is also just perfect. shall we follow let me know XSE

  3. Super pretty outfit,love the cat print top and cute skirt too! Do visit my blog and if you like,follow on GFC and Bloglovin and i'll surely follow back!

  4. it's a shame you didn't get nominated :-(
    This outfit is perfect. I completely love the skirt, top and sunglasses!

    Francesca xo

  5. Really cute pictures! :)
    I am following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you do the same! :)

  6. Just found your blog babe, it's adorable :D

    Love your style as well!

    Now following :D xx

  7. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog :) I love that skirt, but I'd agree that I'd also have trouble finding a top to pair it with.
    I really like your blog, and the pics of 500 Days of Summer and Submarine, two of my fav films, and Alexa Chung! :) Now following you xxx

  8. Great outfit - love your shoes and skirt :) x

  9. I think I am in love with that cat tee!
    Lovely post and nice and summery too :)

    Charissa @

  10. Your cat is the cutest!! What a gorgeous picture.. And the outfit! I LOVE it!



  11. Aww, you look super cute and the top is so adorable! Love it!
    I liked your blog,I'm now following :)

    Giveaway on my blog <3 SHE WALKS Blog

  12. Hahah a kitty shirt! Such a quirky yet cute outfit!:) You're beautiful, girly! Hey-I've been looking for sunnies like that for awhile, any suggestions?
    Hugs & Kisses,

  13. Maybe you can try next year for the awards :D Cute outfit, love the top! xx

  14. Thats t-shirt is amazing. I want the same one :))

    Have a LOvely Day,


  15. lovely outfit! <3 done following you! would you follow back?

  16. lovely outfit and such a great top! cute kitty! xx

  17. Cats and pigtail buns. SOLD


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