When we were young oh oh we did enough, when it got cold ooh ooh we bundled up.

First off lets point out the obvious IT FINALLY SNOWED! YES! And as you can tell in these photos this makes me very VERY happy! Also it means that two of my favourite things come out one being my jumpers that make many appearances or in this case correction, my boyfriends jumper which i fell in love with the moment I seen him in it safe to say he looks much better in it than me but still it is the comfiest jumper I've ever worn! And secondly tea, tea in this weather is beyond perfect.

And today quite unusual for me i opted for a slightly colourful outfit which is quite out of my comfort zone if I'm honest, maybe the snow should come about more often haha!

AND GUESS WHAT?! I finally applied for uni yes i finally did it! Which i can't believe i did it but safe to say its so much weight of my shoulders now just have to wait for the offers to start rolling in.. or more likely crawling in.. haha.

For now that's all from me though I hope your all enjoying the snow and get those days of school/work please keep your fingers crossed for me haha.
 Also I've finally finished my collection in fashion so i have some photos to share with you all soon! I have to say I'm very proud of it all! 
Until next time though take care!

What's your opinion?

  1. I love this outfit - the jumper and skirt look great together!

    Claudia xxx

  2. Awww, you look so cute! That had is adorable and I really like your jumper. I wish I managed to get some snaps while the snow was falling, I hope we get more.

    The Style Rawr!

  3. Love this outfit!
    Good luck with the Uni's! x

  4. So jealous of your snow! I want some hehehe, but all we have here is a cold wind. I love your jacket, the buckles are fantastic!

  5. I have a skirt that is very like this, but I always shy away from wearing it, now I may just dust it off and give it a whirl (: Lovely outfit and congrats on applying for uni! Good luck with it all - I can still remember how nerve-wracking all the waiting around is! xx

  6. Love everything about this outfit, its great! Love your jumper (or boyfriends jumper, I seen mines all the time haha), such a cute pattern and the colour of your coat is gorgeous! Jealous of your snow, we have had some but it hasn't bee lying which is so sad!
    Lianne x

  7. Adorable!!!!

    Love that sweater.




  8. Love your blog! Now following! You look so much like Florence Welch from Florence and the machine!

  9. I love the jumper and print on it. Dedication doing the OOTD in the snow- well done :)

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  10. Great post, your blog is amazing dear <333
    Would you maybe like to follow each other?
    Love, Anna


  11. Have a great week, my dear :*




  12. I love your blog damn much! Wanna follow each other via GFC? Tell me know ;)

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  13. that nordic sweater! i think i need to steal it from you :)

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  14. You're so cute!!!! I love your necklace; it's so dainty and badass at the same time. Way to go on applying to schools! The worst is over. :) I'm excited for you!

  15. this is cute a cute outfit! lovely skirt, looks warm too :) x

  16. Awesome jumper it looks so nice with the skirt!


  17. absolutely gorgeous and looks so magical, I love everything in your outfit and you look gorgeous dear <3


  18. love the outfit - you look so warm and snug!
    now following you on gfc. hope you do the same xx
    love from across the pond, www.vicariousLA.com

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