I don't want to be just another, fighter without fire nothing to inspire.

First off I should probably say I didn't take this photos in some kind of fun-house at the fair I have no idea why they turned out the way they did (slightly wonky) at this point you probably didn't even notice.. now you have and yeah I can only but apologize haha!

I cant believe its already a new year! For me this year has had its ups and downs but i am ready to wave goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013! I have to thank you all for showing your support through out the year and i cant wait for what comes this year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas also! I did its actually a good thing I'm writing this post after chocking on one pig in a blanket on Christmas day yeah i know don't ask. I got some lovely things such as cds, dvds, books, nail varnish, hot water bottle, smellies, pj's, socks and a photography studio which I'm really looking forward to using!

These books I got I really wanted to share with you all as they're all really good! I asked for the 'Figure Poses For Fashion Illustrators' which I really recommend its got loads tips and hints on drawing illustrations! 'The creative colouring book for grown ups' which is full with patterns ect that you can colour in and take inspiration from for designing. 'The teen vogue handbook' which is brilliant and full of loads of fashion stuff like tips and hints on doing job roles within the fashion industry. 'Beauty masks and scrubs' which is full of loads of recipes on face and body scrubs I'm so excited about making some of them and Perks of being a wallflower which I've wanted to read for ageees after seeing the amazing film and I've heard its really good so im looking forward to that!

I also got this beautiful necklace of my sister I seem to just keep adding it to my outfits i love it so much!

Anyway I've already mentioned my velvet skirt on several occasions but due to my love over it and my desire to keep wearing it all the time I thought I should have a outfit post of its own. I was going to post my Christmas day outfit but it was very similar to the one before last, so I thought I'd show a new purchase from the sales! My new horse blouse! I also brought one exactly the same but with birds on I'm also now coming to the conclusion that i may be developing a slight addiction to buying them to the point that i have many of them in my wardrobe.

I never show my make up on my blog very often which as you can see i have a slight red lipstick and black eye liner on amongst blusher and foundation. I also styled my hair today after being inspired by Florence :-) 

This bag I've been meaning to show you for ages! I picked it up at a car boot for just £1 yeah you heard me just £1! This was all after questions from my dad saying 'you don't like that do you?' 'last time i looked you were 17 not 70' Yes dad I'm a sucker for anything that a old woman likes and I am very partial to sitting with a cat on my lap and doing some knitting! I can also add to that: listening to an old fashioned radio after picking on up also for £1 at the moment its getting sorted so fingers crossed it will work! 

Thats all from me i apologize for the many photos and lots of ramblings got a bit carried away haha! Anyway take care and hope you all have a wonderful new year! 

What's your opinion?

  1. so vintage :D love it! and happy new years!

    love, annick from http://only4feet9.blogspot.com

  2. That long black dress is amazing!

  3. Lovely outfit!



  4. love your shirt. happy new year! x

  5. That velvet skirt is SO nice not to mention the colour! and you rock that bag- such a bargain :)



  6. Hi I just found your blog and I am so glad I did!
    Your blog is so amazing and I love this post! These are such amazing photos and i cannot wait to read your next post :)
    I just followed your blog and would appreciate if you could do the same back!
    I have the teen vogue handbook and perks of being a walflower, they are such amazing books! I love your outfit as well!
    happy new years!

    The Green Raybans

  7. Your horse print blouse is seriously the cutest. You look so lovely!
    Happy New Year!

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  8. I adore that top you're wearing. Don't you just love vintage deals?


  9. This outfit is ADORABLE- velvet can do absolutely no wrong. and i love that print on your blouse!

  10. Oh I really want that skirt, I love this look!

    Please come and check out my blog if you get time, I've given it a bit of a revamp, clearly have too much time on my hands...




  11. I loved reading perks of being a wallflower, and I love the outfit too! The velvet skirt is amazing x

  12. Love your skirt and blouse so much, such a lovely outfit. Where are they from? The colouring book for adults sounds great, a nice way to be a little more creative every day which can only be a good thing. So jealous of your £1 bag as well! Stumbled across your blog and really like it, so following you now :)
    Lianne x

  13. love this outfit.

    ps thanks for following! you're so sweet :)


  14. Love your look, especially your hair! Just found your blog, and I love your blog header. It is very unique! Would you like to follow eachother? xx


  15. I LOVE your outfit especially your velvet skirt! Woo I need that a lot..

    Eva x

  16. Wow that necklace is gorgeous and I adore your skirt, it looks super expensive!

  17. There are just so many things I like about your outfit! The prints, the velvet skirt, the jacket, all so amazing!

    Fang Ting

  18. thanks for the love hon, I think I'm already following you - don't forget to follow back! <3

  19. great putfit! love your shirt :)

    I am following you now, dear ♥
    I will be honored if you wanna follow me back :))

  20. I love that velvet skirt! Such a gorgeous colour <3
    Thank you for helping me out with my magazine survey a while back, as promised everyone who participated is now automatically entitled to an extra entry on my current giveaway! I hope you check it out :) Thanks again for taking the time to help me, it was so lovely!

    Ellen xx

  21. That bag was such a bargain you lucky thing! Love this outfit, amazing skirt x

  22. I absolutely love this outfit! I need that velvet skirt and bag in my life!


    Leah xxx


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