Clothes Show!

So here it is again the annual report of clothes show live and this year i actually have some decent photos to show you all so hoorah! 
As expected it was amazing! I think this year was my favourite by far and again i found myself going crazy buying many many things despite the fact I've hardly brought any Christmas presents, so bad i know and Christmas is only 2 weeks away and i still cant get into the spirit of it! 
Anyway though this year Henry Holland was there who is someone i absolutely LOVE i mean for a start look at his suit and his creepers! Amazing. 

Oh and you may also spot BB (dirty sexy things) who always makes a pleasant appearance every year!

And for the ending a rendition of 'Gangham style' which im an absolute sucker for (if its done properly!)

As well as the show which every year never fails to impress i also went to a 'styling seminar' which for me was massively interesting granted that something i've always wanted to do is be a stylist and after hearing the talk is now something i REALLY want to do.

And.. here are my purchases! All of which im in love with!

Also i went to Florence + Machine on Saturday which was as expected amazing and so stunning! 
My personal highlight of the night though had to be getting called 'Mini Florence' at the bar which was ever so flattering and hilarious! 
For now though thats all from me!
Take care you lovely lot!

What's your opinion?

  1. Great pictures! Florence + The Machine is amazing x

  2. You do look like a mini florence!! I am glad you had a nice time! Looks like fun! xx


  3. Oh gosh, I'm in love with all of your purchases too! Those shoes are fierce, and the dress is perfect! :)
    xo TJ

  4. Great great post!
    Your blog is amazing!
    Love, Anna


  5. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing - where was it?! Your photos are fab and Henry Holland - wow. Your purchases are darling by the way, love the studded boots<3 Also, you must have had a fantastic time at Florence, I'm well jealous! x

  6. I've heard it was great! Awesome photos.

    x Michelle |

  7. amazing photos :) Omg, florence + the machine <33

  8. you're so lucky to be able to go to florence + the machines! love their music <3 and i'm following you now :) follow back?

    and thank you for the comment/visit on my blog :)
    annick from


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